Telltale's The Walking Dead Sells More Than One Million Copies


    I would really like to like it, if it wasn't for Australia being a nanny state.

      If they had submitted the game for classification and it was refused, I could understand your complaint. But in this case, Telltale didn't even try. And without an attempt, we don't know that it would have been refused.

      To sell the game in US and Europe on the PSN and Xbox stores, they would have submitted the game for ESRB and PEGI ratings. They presumably just decided it wasn't worth the money, based on the size of our market.

        Precicely - because of our classification issues, they didn't bother submitting for classification. This costs over $1000 to do, they obviously were aware of the mature nature of the game and decided it wasn't fit for classification in a 15+ category.

        The game would have had to have been gimped a lot ala L4D2 to even work. There's far too much gore in this game to make it through unharmed. Especially towards the end.

      Its on Steam, only $25 too, well worth it. Its only consoles that didn't see a release here.

    Finished episode 1 on PS3 the day it was released, it was a lot of fun, glad to see that it's been so successful.

    Eagerly awaiting the rest of the episodes.

    Annoying about the lack of local release. I'll wait for it to be finished then just buy the lot off the US store I guess.

    The really frustrating part is there's actually a section for it on the Australian PS Store, but when you go in there it's empty! Aaarrggh!

      There are a few other instances like that also, it's just sloppy work from the Store team.

      Plenty of other OCD-like elements that annoy me about the store also (eg: DLC from a game in 2 different folders, due one having a "TM" in the folder name)

    I live in Brisbane, QLD and had no problem purchasing it through steam.

      It's available on Steam in Australia, but not on consoles.

      Yeah, Queensland got kicked out of Australia a while back. Didn't you get the memo?


    Haha, QLD is confused and thinks its florida, nobody has the heart to tell them they are not florida.

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