Ten Science Fiction And Fantasy Books That Deserve The Video Game Treatment

We've touched on popular science fiction and fantasy novels that need to have video games made out of them in the past, but commenter TheGizmofromPizmo's list of 10 contains some rather intriguing ideas, hence today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

Ten books/series from my collection that I think should be made into video games in no particular order:

1) The Integral Trees by Larry Niven. 3D and almost weightless environment.

2) The Uplift series by David Brin. C'mon bioware... you know you want to.

3) The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. What do you think? First person shooter? Tactics? RTS?

4) The Eight Worlds series, specifically Steel Beach. You like choosing your sex and body shape in a game? Well then this would be the game for you! Gotta love a book where the invasion and expulsion of humans from the planet earth is secondary to the plot.

5) Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. 'nuf said really. (Editor's Note: Several games already exist)

6) Honor Harrington series by David Weber. Intrigue and politics wrapped around a Space battle simulator.

7) Blood Ties by Tanya Huff. Awesome series of books by a Canadian author. You fight Aztec gods, zombies, anti-werewolf bigots, demon lords. What's not to love?

8) The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov. LA Noir with robots.

9) Watership Down by Richard Adams. Think Civilization V but with rabbits. Let me say that again. Civilization V. With rabbits. (Editor's other note: Yes.)

10) Foundation series by Mercedes Lackey. Kind of a mediocre series of books that I somehow got addicted to, I just skip all the boring exposition, but it would make a decent open world RPG. You've got psychic horse like avatars, mind powers, and later on magic.

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    The magician?

      We've already had a few games based in Midkemia. Betrayal at Krondor being the big one. Oh and a team were working on the MMO but it's been a little slow getting started.

        still my fave RPG to date. Even though I believe ?John Cutter? penned all the in game text (there was an awful lot) and Feist only overseered the plot - it was brilliant

        How have I never heard of this!? One of my fav books

    Night Watch, - Ludyanenko's Russion fantasy would make a great MMO. Especially with the full world view, the 2 sides and the descent into the twilight.


      There was a russian game of this at one stage though

    Has anyone touched Ender yet? #nohomo

      Well there is a movie i the works but thats about it as far as I know.

      God I hope not. Unless you are talking about one particular aspect of the first book.

    Starship Troopers!

      We could use one of those done right. The last one I played was awful. Fun for a while but then dragged later

      Truly a great book... but there was very little combat in it.
      It was more a tale of his life in the mobile infantry.

    A fully fledged Discworld game with a broad range of characters would be fantastic. And bring back Eric Idle as Rincewind!
    There's potential for an awesome fantasy RPG here.

    I'd like to see a real rpg in the same vein as old school turn based rpg's (Shining force/FFT) based off the magician series.

    Or a story driven rpg based on the revelation space series (specifically Chasm City/Absolution Gap)

      Yeah a story based rpg set in the revelation space universe would be awesome... Although Chasm City as an open world sandbox game would be pretty special... Imagine exploring the city ala GTA, but with the vertical aspect too...

    "ender's game" would make great tactical game ^_^

      ARGH. Now I want to read it again - oh and there's a movie ont he way too.

      I hate articles like this - I'm going to be forced to take a hiatus from gaming just to re-read it all again.

        Read years ago & recently listened to the audio book, was an interesting perspective change - looking forward to the movie!

    Several people have already pointed out (quite rightly) Enders Game, so my second choice is the Wheel of Time. Do it Skyrim-style, or JRPG-style, it'd be brilliant. Hell, it could work well with FFXIII's railroading system given that the plot is so dynamic and the cast is so varied.

    Scanning for Wheel of Time...
    Parameters not found.
    Abandoning Article...

      There was a Wheel of Time game made in the late 90s where you played an Aes Sedai I think. It was an FPS.

      There needs to be a game based on the Malazan books of the fallen. Preferably by CDProjekt.

    Enders Game yessss...

    Integral Trees is a really interesting one. I'm a Larry Niven fan, and I didn't know it existed for a long time.

    Essentially there's a large "atmosphere" around a small star or somesuch, and every "floats" in low gravity around it, including giiiiiiant hockey stick shaped trees and human colonist descendants.

    Regarding #6, a game was in the works, it kinda died though and afaik was never completed ... http://www.rulethehonorverse.com/
    A Honorverse game would fit very well with the Freelancer engine (upgraded to modern standards) though, IMO ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freelancer_(video_game)

    Safehold (the other large Weber series) would very much work as a Total War style game.

    Out of the Dark (single story Weber novel) would suit an FPS-RPG like Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

    Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern would suit either a single player RPG or an MMO (as you have different factions).

      There is a Pern video game out there. My mother has it! haha

    Honor Harrington would be ok but I think The Lost Fleet would be amazing. FYI you all NEED to read this series.

    Oh Wait, WAAAAIT.

    Where the hell is the Pliocene saga? Future inventor randomly creates a one way time portal back to the pliocene (giant land mammals) era, and outcasts and misfits can choose to emigrate there. A band of varied people go through to find Plio-Europe controlled by two almost elven/drawvish psychic alien races. Lots of mind powers, low tech warefare and other things going on.

      Julian May, yeah? That was a brilliant series. You're right, it'd be an amazing ARPG.

    x2 Wheel of Time. There are some old school WOT games, but nothing particularly worthy of the name. It'd be a massive project, but there's limitless potential for awesome.

      3rdeded - WoT would be pro.
      So would the Night Angel stories

    Best sci-fi books = Dragonlance. Would make an awesome movie and video game

    Meh, I can't get excited about adaptations - they are so rarely good. I'd rather not have my favourite franchises butchered...

      Here here.

    Aaaaaand for those who haven't read those books; perhaps a brief synopsis and reasons why they would make good games?

      I only clicked on the article due to the Watership Down pic and wondered how'd the writer fit that in.
      I was disappointed that making a Civilisation game with Rabbits is all that they could come up with for such a brilliant and dark book.

        It really is pretty amazing.

        I think it would work well as a really moody and atmospheric point-and-click adventure. Something like BladeRunner or I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.

          A game based on Brian Jacques' Redwall would be great imo

    The only game I would support is a Discworld adventure game.

      not sure if you are kidding, but there were three of them.

        I know but there obviously needs to be more.

          The world is too batshit crazy to work though. I think the best adventure games are the ones where you can actually work out the solution!

    Am I the only one having trouble imagining a game of Watership Down? Just... what?

    There's got to be a game or two to be squeezed out of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, surely?

    Would love to see something done with David Gemmels work with the Drenai.
    Also Iain M Banks and the Culture.

    Super happy they are making a Mistborn game.

      The Ian Banks one would be brilliant. If you somehow convinced him to head a team of writers and keep dominant creative input it'd be incredible. Making a game out of one of his books would be confusing at best though; it'd have to be part of the universe within the timeline of the Culture, but wholly unrelated to his other books.

    Definitely Brent Weeks' Night Angel Trilogy ... never heard of them? Go read them! If ever a series needed a good VG adaption it'd be this one.

      Totally agree, love that series. Actually picked it up because the cover reminded me of Assassins Creed, and the book turned out to be brilliant

      I agree, although they might have to be watered down a bit for the target audience (teens).

    Decent Magician game, and a decent Wheel of Time game is all I need :)

    Ranger's Apprentice, by John Flanagan: While the world is pretty stock standard, if the writers captured the humour and brilliant characterization of the series, it would make a great PG rated game. M if you wanted to be a bit truer to the books.

    The Mercy Thompson series, by Patricia Briggs: This would make a great open world RPG, with plenty of conflict - both political and racial - with the fae now being more or less at war with America, the werewolves are going to be under a lot of pressure from both sides, and if the vampires are forced to reveal themselves, well, let's just say that humans will have no choice but to see the darker sides of the supernatural community.

    The Aeons' Gate trilogy, by Sam Sykes: Okay, imagine a world where adventurers are actually the worst of the worse. They're considered to be scum, willing to do literally anything for money, whether it be rape the female heir to a fortune or fight in someone's private war. Now, add in the fact that the world's equivalent to elves have poor hygine, are warlike in nature and started a genocidal war against humanity that they're losing. Did I mention the foul, eldrich abominations, tattooed pirates that speak with an upper class British accent and the race of reptilian Amazons?

    Long story short, if you want an RPG that would shake up the standard cliches, The Aeons' Gate would do that quite easily.

    why has no-one mentioned the Altered Carbon universe? re-sleeving = respawning and a combat sleeve of choice. a digitised conciousness suits the game environment perfectly.

      Read your name as my name for a second. Got freaked out.

      ....and I only just actually read your comment. YES. That would be perfect. Such an awesome book.


      Market Forces - another of Richard Morgan's books (think Mad Max meets Wall Street) - would make a phenomenal setting for a video game.

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