Thanks Tokyo Skytree, You Just Ruined Japanese Monster Movies

In Japanese kaiju movies (or giant robot anime), Tokyo becomes a stomping ground for larger than life characters. Cars are crumpled under their feet. Buildings are smushed during falls. And in the distance, Tokyo Tower is usually visible.

But now, a new tower, the Tokyo Skytree, towers over the Tokyo Tower. Opened yesterday, the Tokyo Skytree measures 634m and is the tallest tower in the world.

Tokyo Skytree hasn't only altered the Tokyo skyline but pretty much ruined every single monster movie from here on out. Godzilla doesn't look so big standing next to Skytree. Hell, no one does.

Check out the comparisons by Twitter user Ei Ishii/T Yahashi.

@eishii [Twitter]


    That thing was visible from just about everywhere I walked when I was in Tokyo last year! And it wasn't even finished yet. @[email protected]

    Damn low res pic. The only mech I can see that's worth my time - Big O

    The mechs from Bokurano stood at 500m tall... Maybe this will create an arms race of sorts in monster movies. Godzilla's getting taller....

    It would provide little challenge for the big G.
    He laughs at mans attempt at....what ever it is that man is attempting.

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