That Fake Retro Nintendo Event Looked More Interesting Than A Real One

You've already had a taste of the fake, one-of-a-kind game cartridges on display at Japanese indie Meteor. Now have a look at the event itself. As previously posted, the goal of the exhibition is simple: artists submit a cartridge for a fake Famicom game. It can be whatever they want, basically, meaning some can be funny, and others can be super stylish. Submissions are taken from all over the planet, not just Japan.

Sister site Kotaku Japan was on hand to check out the yearly event. Check out the photos below. They are a warm reminder of just how wonderful old Nintendo cartridges are, whether they are retro or totally made-up.

ゲームだらけのワンダーランドな「わたしのファミカセ展 2012」に行ってきました(ギャラリーあり) [Kotaku Japan]


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