The Adorable Disney Version Of Game Of Thrones' Dragon Queen

When the internet quits coming up with amazing riffs on Game of Thrones, I'll quit posting them. Until then, we've got miles to go, folks, and millions more awesome things to laugh about.

Today it's this illustration of Game of Thrones' dragon-mother Daenerys Targryen, re-imagined as a Disney princess. Which of course has me thinking of a Disney version of Game of Thrones, and it is amazing.

We'd have not one Tyrion, but seven! And the direwolves would talk! And Tywin Lannister would sing an evil, jazzy song at the end of the third act about how fun it is to be evil! And Prince Charming would force prostitutes to beat each other for his amusement! And... surely Cersei is someone's stepmother...

Mother of [Disney] Dragons [Badass Digest via Dorkly]


    I like Dany but I've heard that she is hated by many hardcore GoT fans :(

      Start reading Dance with Dragons and you'll see why. I mean before I didn't like her but she was doing interesting things. In that book she accomplishes very little and does nothing except fawn of ~~Darioooooo~~

    More boobs needed

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