The Avengers' Wonderful Weapons Are Made From LEGO

To celebrate last week's release of The Avengers, LEGO builder Ken Robichaud has gone to town building a range of weapons and props from the film out of little plastic bricks.

He's built Thor's hammer (and brace), Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's bow and a set of arrows and some of Black Widow's equipment. Sadly, he does not seem to have also made Hulk's little pants.

buriedbybricks' photostream [Flickr, via Brothers Brick]



      Let's have less Luke hate and more supportive comments!

      CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is the best way for to work. Yes it's a Kotaku meme to hate on Luke, but like all memes, it's getting old. He's not going to get fired from Kotaku US for some haters on Kotaku AU, but hopefully if we give him suggestions on what we feel is wrong with his articles, he will improve.

      That being said, these are pretty damn cool and really impressive that someone had the time and patience to bother, me? I would just wait for the licensed LEGO/MegaBlocks

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