The BBC Might Have Confused Halo With The United Nations

If this video is real - and given its shoddy quality, that's no guarantee - it would appear the BBC have some issues using Google Image Search.

For a piece on Amnesty and the United Nations Security Council's response to tragic atrocities in Syria, it seems the BBC's production crew needed a graphic for the five-nation body. So they went to Google. And got...well, what they thought was the logo for the UN's Security Council (which doesn't really have one), but which in fact is the logo of the United Nations Space Command, humanity's protectors in the Halo universe.



    And now we cross to our reporter in the field Sgt Johnson. "Get up, SO I CAN KILL YOU AGAIN!"

      Oh god, I'm now imagining every political scandal of the last decade, with Johnson covering damage control.

      And I love it.

    Looks real. There's a reflection on the table and that'd be hard to pull off.

      That reflection really wouldn't be... It's just a straight vertical flip... And since the image background is black, and the table surface appears black...

    Just what the middle east needs some Master Chief justice. he will sort it out in a few hours

    5 nation body? Tried using google yourself?

      Not completely wrong, there are only 5 permanent members (with veto power) of the Security Council. The other 10 members are elected for 2 year terms.

    I call fake. They may have out the reflection on the desk, but they've not bothered feathering the mask on the presenter, and the perspective of the image changes as the camera looms closer (watch the top left of where it's been matted in).

      I'm sus of the quality, but I don't know what feathering means. Can you clarify a bit? I think you may be right.

        Look at the left side of the presenter and you'll see the edge of her where she's been cut out and you'll see it looks a bit harsh. By feathering I mean a slight blur that's applied to the edge of the mask to make it blend more naturally.

          Excuse my questionable grammar, I've had several beers since I sent the original call of fake. :)

            On top of that they've reduced the frame rate by half, so they didn't have to do as much work to track the mask...

              Someone actually saw this on the BBC website and posted a link on the Halo Waypoint forums.

              It appears real.

          While I acknowledge it'd probably be easy to fake, is the video quality enough to make that call? Even the supposed 720p version just look like it doubles the pixel size.

      I'd more question the reflection on the many news broadcasters actually display the images behind the presenters (actual question not rhetorical) rather than simply having them in front of green screens/similar . Cause if they add the background images in, well obviously there'd be no reflection

    Google Images wins again. Why on earth can't these morons fact check this stuff? God forbid ACTUAL facts make it onto the news.

    United Nations Security Council is the first thing to come up if you google "UNSC", but if you click "images", this logo is one of the top results. I can see an intern easily making a mistake like this, so I'm saying genuine.

    I like all the comments about reflections and feathering. Truth is, most of these news studios
    ARE a giant green screen at the back of the reporters so you will from time to time get artifacts no matter what.

    Real. I hope..

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