The 'Best' Of The Worst Diablo III Anger

The rigamarole is always the same: big game is released, problems ensue. But for Diablo III, the launch was bigger — 12 years in the making. And the problems? They seem bigger, too. And when that happens, people get angry.

As previously detailed, Diablo III's "always-online" feature was problematic to say the least, and players have been dealing with errors like Error 37 and Error 3003. The whole thing hasn't exactly been smooth.

And the reaction to all this has not been good. People paid good money for an experience, and the experience hasn't been good for many players. No wonder the game is getting clobbered on review site Metacritic, where the user reviews are especially brutal. On Amazon, there are biting reviews as well, but less of the endless vitriol. The general tone, however, is one of anger and frustration.

Some of the reviews seem knee-jerk and not directed at the actual gameplay — the result of frustrated people trying to get online, but unable to. Others seem to truly not like the game, which, of course, is fine. And, yes, some of them are merely trolls (but funny trolls!).

But let's not look at the normal venting. Let's look at some of the "best" haterade spewed at Diablo III.

You know when they sold the rights to The Neverending Story 1 & 2 to some random production company and they came out with a steaming pile called The Neverending Story 3 that went straight to VHS? Well that pretty much describes Diablo 3.

This is for that what i must wait fuc*ing 7th june. This is for that what i must wait fuc*ing 7th june. This is for that what i must wait fuc*ing 7th june. This is for that what i must wait fuc*ing 7th june. This is for that what i must wait fuc*ing 7th june. This is for that what i must wait fuc*ing 7th june. This is for that what i must wait fuc*ing 7th june.

Diablo 3 is so boring you would have more fun at a bingo hall. Also the connection problems at launch are awful and show how incompetent Blizzard is. The graphics in game are also not close to what a Diablo game should look like.

Decade of experience running online games to have the game fail to launch ON SINGLE PLAYER due to their network. They took everything that was Diablo and flushed it down the toilet, from gameplay to graphics.

I have paid for a game and can not even start a single player!? What exactly is on that disc?! It is a sick joke... Give my money and wasted time back!

They've had 10 years to make this game and when the game went live only 600 players were online. Hours later only 1000 players were able to get on! Its been like this the whole entire launch!

If your a true Diablo series fan you'll know its a gothic themed game and it'll break your heart to find out that the act 1 boss is damn fairy queen that looks like the disney villain maleficent

Diablo 3 is out. It took 11 years to make. The graphics look 10 years old and its only 6 hours long. But don't worry kids you can buy hats with mums credit card!

You want 150 words minimum to accept my review? Ok. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. DO NOT BUY !!! SERIOUSLY. Vote with your wallet, dont give these **** money.

One of the worst play time to cost ratios. I could have a whole day at a paintball stadium for the money I shelled for this game, which, due to an unstable internet connection, I can't even play smoothly, even though I'm only interested in single player. Good job, Blizzard.

If you want a watered down, pay2win piece of junk, Diablo 3 is just the ultimate game in this regards. Don't expect to find a game reminiscent of the jewels such as Diablo 1+2 (actually made by different people). Only saving grace is... no wait I can't think of one.

This game is a massive pile of **** It shouldn't be named like that. WoW is nice like a prostate cancer, and this "Diablo"3 is like a bunch of bloody hemorrhoids in your mouth.

stupid game,GO TO HELL!. oh wait, it's already in hell. All about it is disappointing. I've been a Diablo fan for a long time but then you give me this.. What the hell Blizzard? This all errors things and your stupid DRM giving me a headache. Why no in steam? money whoring company

Blizzard apparently had no idea how many people would REALLY want to play this game AFTER WAITING FOR 12 YEARS! The North Koreans had better launches last month than this. Way to go Blizzard.

It is a very good game, VERY GOOD!!!! It even comes with a challenge, beat the login server, error 37 is the prime evil, if you beat it, all will obey your orders. Now seriously, if you don't mind spending 3 hours to get in, you should totally buy, if not, don't waste your money.

the worst first person shooter I've ever played cant even log in, and i even stood in line for at least two hours to pay for this dont waste your money BLIZZARD IS FINISHED

Can blizzard just crawl into a hole and sit there until they starve to death. after they do that they can come back as undead and try to make the game work

Never played it. And now thanks to all of your reviews i will never buy it and play it. Thanks for saving my money. I don't usually follow what people say but the majority is overwhelming.

Diablo III [Metacritic via Venture Beat] Diablo III: Standard Edition [Amazon]

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    2 days of issues will seem like nothing when people are still playing 5-10 years from now.

    I'm glad all these whiners are quitting, less losers for me to play with in a few days.

      If the servers still exist in 5-10 years, they can still play it :3

        I don't doubt the servers will still be up in 5-10 years. Diablo 2 server are still up and that game is what, nearly a decade old now?

        Yeah don't you know people who play old games are killing the industry?!

          If only this was not the view of the publishers....

    Brian stop posting stupid pointless fucking articles about issues with games at launch, he same thing happened with the battlefield 3 launch and it had a less number of people trying to get online. Stop trying to force this.

      Personally, I think it deserves every bit of attention it is getting, A single player requiring consistent on-line connection that can only be played until they decide to shut down the servers? It's a disgrace.

      There are more issues at play here, DRM for one.

        Mindless gameplay? Incredibly easy game that gets EASIER on New Game Plus? There's a lot of faults.

        Whilst I would agree that internet connection for a single player game is a bad idea, I can see why they did it (the real money auction house), and you should have known this before you bought it, all of us buying into it are in effect telling Blizzard that it's OK... I wanted the game more then I wanted to boycott this behavior.

        That said servers failing on day one is not acceptabe in my opinion.

      Game failed on release.
      I would think that would deserve some attention. Any company that releases a game that is unuseable on release deserves a bit of noame and shame... especially when it is a single player game. Why should people sit back and accept it when a company srecws up royaly.... When people complain that it's not as good as they expected, sure I'm with you in that they should get over it, but it's a different matter when they can't use it at all.
      To use the enevitable car analogy: if you buy a new car and find it's not as comfortable to drive as you wanted, thats your bad; if you buy a new car and it won't start at all, that's their bad and you deserve to feel a bit pissed.

        um no, who is going to use the auction house in the first hours? nobody but people looking to make money and idiots willing to blow it. online component should have Beenk rolled out later

    Definately something Blizzard dont think saw coming, prob thinking did we run over a puppy in that we are getting so much hate and problems with Diablo. As far as the connections problems go, i guess they couldnt do anything about that, Millions of people all wanting to play this game and all jump online at same time. Thats a mammoth task for the network engineers. As far as gameplay hate, i haven't been able to play yet, go figure, but it just doesn't sound like something Blizzard would do with the amount of time spent developing this game and constant push back to make sure it was ready to be released. Were people expecting too much. If they game is a epic fail as people are claiming, then Blizzard would surely be crapping their pants for when WoW Mists of Pandaria comes out.

      how could blizzard have prepared for the millions of people wanting to play at once.

      step one look at the amount of preorders there were and the amount of people getting the game for free from the annual pass.
      step two set up enough servers for that many people and more
      step three have a staggered launch where it unlocked slowly region by region so each country gets in 1 at a time instead of everybody trying to get in at once.

        yeah i reckon the all regions open was the problem, they would've known a crap load of people would be logging on so could've been more prepared.

          region by region unlock would be difficult for a game that can be purchased online. Many users who wanted the game would know how to get around a region lock and get in anyway, causing potentially even more problems.

          For blizzard, it was likely a combination of being unprepared, trying to balance the potential high costs against initial demand and being simply unable to test the servers with a load a big as the one it experienced prior to it actually launching

    What is the purpose of this article? Apart from forcing the "gamers are entitled jerks" line.

    I don't play Diablo but the anger is justified, if you're gonna force annoying always online DRM you better make damn sure the game is gonna work at launch.

    suprise factor ZERO here

    On the metacritic site about 1 in every 20 reviews gives a perfect 10. If you look at the profiles of the users who made the review, that person often only has done only a single review against their name. Not suspicious at all... :D

    "I have paid for a game and can not even start a single player!? What exactly is on that disc?! It is a sick joke… Give my money and wasted time back!"

    Haahahaha, oh, boy, that's a good one. So funny.

    Wait, wut.

    Well, I logged in fine on attempt 3 last night, and just got in fine on attempt 1 tonight. Sucks to be you trolls!
    Although that one comparing the launch success to North Korea was actually pretty good, I tip my hat to you sire

    What were people expecting when millions flood the servers on launch? I was able to get in about 90 minutes after launch. and everything has been fine since then, except for one little hiccup. Maintenance.

    Without a word I was disconnected and not able to log back in. Maybe let people know on the login screen? Too much to ask?

    Haha on second thoughts I'd better skip this.

    ugh, it's comments like this that remind me why I need to stop reading these stupid articles:
    Diablo 3 is out. It took 11 years to make. The graphics look 10 years old and its only 6 hours long. But don’t worry kids you can buy hats with mums credit card!

    For one, Diablo 2 graphics look 10 years old, and if you finished the game in 6 hours you did something wrong... I just finished Act 1 and that took me 6 hours alone.

      That is because they did not play the game, they heard the koreans finish normal in 5.5hours and saying they did it...... Me I am having a blast with the game, heaps of fun and once you get past act 1 that gritty feel comes back.

    Played it today on an older Mac pro. Runs fine and no problems encountered.

      Music to my ears

    "the worst first person shooter i've ever played" welll duh, because it's an action-rpg not an fps...

      I'm guessing the person prob thought Black Ops 2 just came out and was like, wait are we talking about Diablo

    I for one want the option of single player, when i played the beta i was getting spikes up to 600-800 ping, lagging right in the middle of a boss fight is not cool, sure it was the beta but who is to say it won't happen still. I got over the cartoony graphics and the moronic skill system but this is just ridiculous, i still want to play but part of me is starting to regret buying this. I just hope blizzard sorts it out, a option for single player and supporting mods will help a lot of people forgive them.

    Logged on when I got home from work no problems. Ah well.

    you can all shut up :) i am still waiting on my "pre-order" made in december as a xmas present from harvey norman (thats why i should of bought it online harvey!) who keeps telling me it will be sent in 2 days, since 2 days ago.

    at least you can look at the box!

    Holy shit tits, i was acctually preping my credit card for a stroll down to EB games tommorow and now i will just spend my $88 on alcohol and gambling at the pub on Friday, much better waste of money i guess.

      Stroll into BigW and spend $58 instead, then u can still buy alcohol too!

        JB HI FI $57

    Don't believe the ranting. Everything is fine, I'm a little saddened that a minority of people are being heard while the majority are too busy playing to give a rats arse.

    Just finished it. Damn it was short. Torchlight 1 was longer and that cost me $10, not $80.

    TBH i am glad i didn't get my hopes up for this, even after playing Diablo 2 into the ground for years. Finally got on last night, 2 hours after servers went up and cleared it before i went to bed (At about 10am admittedly)- completing almost every side mission and convo without spacing. There are some good redeeming qualities to it but really the graphics are bad enough to somewhat take me out of the experience at times and the constant connection issues - first the login servers and now the achievement servers... I went back to playing some more AC/SWTOR.

    Might jump back on later when some of these issues are fixed but till then Blizzards decision to make this constant online even for SP was simply retarded.

    I have no idea why people are so angry, what company has brought an online game out with this much attention and not had serious issues with the launch? Oh, none? I thought so... It's not the end of the world it's a game not functioning correctly. It will be fine in a few days and you'll be able to play with little to no issues. Fair call it's annoying but the abuse is excessive. Also I'd personally rather always online than offline SP and losing the ability to play with my main online. I hate cheaters and whatever it takes to minimize cheating is good in my eyes.

      You realise of course you *COULD* just make your main an online character right? Their not mutually exclusive =/

      Let the SP players keep ther SP offline chars to themselves as I doubt they would be playing multi on their SP chars anyway.

    I got home and installed it this afternoon, I had no issues and am enjoying the game thoroughly. Guess i'm in the minority, oh well.

      Your not in the minority. 6000 people complaining and having issues isnt a problem when there are 2 million people playing and enjoying it. I think it looks great, sounds great and plays great. So far i havent found anything i can fault.

      Articles like this give me the shits, its the worst form of "journalism".

        ^this, I too have had zero problem s with logging in or getting dc'd, currently have a couple of chars @ approx lvl 19 and loving it

    I've run in to three different download and instal errors. I've quite literally spent hours just trying to install the game, and still haven't had a chance to play. Got bored, tried to go back to wow. No luck there either. Ffs

      sounds like you may have an internet connection problem rather than a problem with diablo

    Everything seems to be running fairly smoothly now. Doesn't forgive the very shoddy launch but at least it's now playable.

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