The Best Way To Get New Games? By Playing Other Games

We've all notices that Achievements, Trophies and other game-specific accomplishments don't mean squat in the real world, right? You can't go to your local video game store and say, "Hey, I've got all the Platinum trophies in Uncharted 3; can I get a copy of Starhawk, please?"

They'd laugh at you.

But, a new program from gaming social network Raptr wants to give players actual useful things — early beta access, fancy accessories, full game releases — for doing what you do every day. The Raptr Rewards program popped into beta today, revealing the games and gear players can win by racking up achievements and playtime on their consoles and PCs. This is no rinky-dink affair, either as they're giving away 350,000 items valuing more than $US1 million dollars. You can get a look at the initial offering here.


    I've always wondered what the hell Microsofts gamer score was. Years ago, before installing any GFWL games, I assumed it was some kind fo rewards program, which at the time I thought was pretty cool. The idea of being able to cash in your points for small rewards.

    But no, its a stupid arbitrary number that represents absolutely nothing except how much time you've wasted in the silly pursuit of getting all the achievements.

      Same thing I thought of when I heard about gamerscore. I guess I'm not as naive as I thought.

        Thank god. I thought I was old and cynical for thinking it was a frakking stupid, waste-of-time system. This really does make my day to know I'm not the only one.

    I thought I read somewhere that it initially was presented to be a reward system - but greedy microsoft decided against it...because they didn't need it anyway - people just keep paying and playing regardless, so there was no incentive to attract/keep players.

      From a business standpoint, I can understand the decision for the gamerscore to be arbitrary, like a high score table. It wasn't convention for a rewards program, and people were already buying or renting cheap games purely for the gamerscore.

    Giving away even menial DLC like themes or avatar pics for achievements seems like a missed opportunity.

      They have those avatar awards which are similar. In red dead and alan wake you can unlock hats and tshirts and stuff after completing certain ingame achievements.

    They'd laugh at you because saying you have "all the Platinum trophies in Uncharted 3" is a stupid thing to say. It's a grand total of one.

      Nice, I'm glad someone was here to notices that glaring error!

    Might be worth noting that a lot of the "rewards" are for US Citizens only.
    I.e The 30% of all Logitech G-Series stuff.

    Looking forward to people realising that if you make the achievements worth points and then make those points worth something, the achievements become worthless. The achievement hunter mindset, where you play things like Avatar: The Last Airbender purely for points, will become even more prevalent.

    They're supposed to be a social signifier of accomplishment, nothing more. They're only valuable because you can see what ones other people have.

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