The Concept Art Behind The Avengers

Pardon this brief interruption to our regular video game concept art schedule, but I figured a movie that's on track to be one of the biggest of all time - and one starring a whole bunch of awesome superheroes - was worth the detour.

This art is the work of Nathan Schroeder, for whom The Avengers was actually his seventh Marvel film.

Other movies Schroeder's worked on include the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean, the fourth Indiana Jones film and X-Men.

You can see plenty more of his work at his personal site.


    Cheesus has the code
    Plunkett has the key

    In cinemas May 10.

    Strangely enough out of all the impossible things in that movie it was the flying aircraft carrier I had issues with.

      The helecarrier is a long-maintained piece of SHIELD equipment, but the movie one actually looks like it could possibly exist.

      Maybe not realistically transform...

        The runway used for landing has the potential to drop any overshooting aircraft into one of the engines, the engines aren't big or powerful enough to realistically lift the carrier, the shape is all wrong and induces an insane amount of drag, and issues with turbulence and crosswinds mean that it's not really practical to land a plan on the deck.

        It's at this point that I say "It's just a show; I should really just relax." to myself.

          You did notice all the planes and jets were VTOLS though?

            If they are using runways, then its easy to assume they are designed for Short landings

            And the jets took off just like any other jet from any other aircraft carrier.

          That's why he said 'looks' like it could possibly exist. =P

          You're right though. The entire point of that layout is that you can make multiple landing runs without crashing into anything, but if failed to land on your first shot there you'd be sucked right into the turbines. Still, if they actually made a carrier like that I wouldn't put it past them to accidentally let that slip into the design. Look at the original carrier design where you've got to land on planes waiting to take off.

            Ha ha, good point!

            And good point. I'd like to think that you're wrong, but that kind of thing does happen with alarming frequency.

            Notice how they specifically mention in the movie it's designed to be able to run with only 3 of the engines running; they turn off the turbine near the runway when they want to land stuff.

              Any plane crash landing is still going to damage the turbine. Fuel + plane + munitions = major damage.

          Yeah I had issues with the carrier as well, but efficiency issues aside, the concept is still possible. Where as a hammer that can control lightning and conveniently only allow one man to lift is impossible, but hey no issues there.

    Unlike a lot of concept art, there wasn't much difference between it and the final version. It must have been fun for him to sit in a dark room and watch his creation move around on screen.

    any1 else think that plunkett is really serrels's evil split personality that uses these as a way to express his trollingly sadistic side of journalism?


    I thought we'd all agreed there was no fourth Indiana Jones film?

      i like to think that crystal skull never existed, and that nathan drake is in fact indiana's son, and uncharted is the real sequel

    At some parts in the movie where the actors walk to the edges of the carrier, realistically they would have been sucked into the rotors.

      Spolier alert: Rotors

      Well realistically Thor doesn't exist.

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