The Diablo III Starter Edition Lets You Play Before You Pay

Too terrified of a little clicking to put your money down on Diablo III? Perhaps you can talk someone out of a Diablo III Guest Pass and gain access to the free Starter Edition, aka the purgatory of the undecided.

Much like it did with StarCraft II, Blizzard is releasing a fancifully named demo for its latest PC blockbuster. The Diablo III Starter Edition gives players access to the first chapter of the game up to the Skeleton King, limiting them to level 13 and keeping them out of the real money auction house until they spend some real money.

The Starter Edition also limits matchmaking to other folks that haven't paid, so more dedicated fans don't have to worry about grouping up with the poor folks.

Access to the Starter Edition is exclusive to Guest Pass recipients for the first 30 days following tomorrow's release, after which it becomes free for the friendless.

Diablo III Starter Edition & Guest Pass []


    the friendless! so glad they thought of me.

    Brilliant! I have a few mate who are a bit bereft of cash right now but I really want them to give it a go!

    Level 13 to Skeleton King is quite a lot of content, if you level all 5 classes. This is pretty sweet.

    What's a guest pass?

      Presumably something a friend who has bought the game can send you.

        A polite way of saying a guest has just take a dump

        yeah it is. Blizzard do it with most/all of their games now.

        When someone buys a copy of D3 they get around 5 guest passes. Which is just a bit of pretty cardboard with a cd key on it (the guest pass). Someone who doesnt have the game can then use one of these keys to "demo" the game.

    This is good. Although I've had a few chances in the past, I've yet to play any of the Diablo games. None of my mates are getting it, but I can wait the 30 days for the trial...I think.......HURRY UP!!!!

      If I really get five passes I could send you one. I only need two.

        Why thank you, sir. I appreciate the offer very muchly. Would you need my email or something? [email protected]

          Sent. I got three in my standard-edition box.

            Hooray for random acts of kitty kindness.

              But was it kindness? I take no responsibility for poor performance reviews at work, StuMan!

                Ha, time will tell if that becomes an issue. :)

                Was it random? Premeditated acts of kindness are the worst. :P

            Thanks again, McGarnical, most awesome of you. Hopefully I like it & end up buying it. That'll give me something to play whilst I wait for Max Payne 3 on PC. :D

    I'd like to donate one but preferably to someone who lost their preorder through GAME going into administration.

      I'd love to take one of those off you- I lost my CE, but unfortunately as a Game staff member I feel we've already taken enough from the community.

    Does anyone know if Digital purchases will receive guest passes?
    I ask because I know my brothers getting a digital copy and it'll be a couple of weeks till I can scout up the 60 bucks.... yeah I know I'm cheap ;P

      They should. It wouldn't make much sense if only retail bought copies got them

    Do you have to download the whole game to play the guest pass? Or how big is the download?

      I think you will find it to be about the same size as the public beta was. The public beta contained quite a few references and error messages directly relating to a starter edition.

    Why don't they call it a demo? Or should I say.... spawn copies?

      It's a "starter" because once you buy it you keep your progress.

    Does the guest pass contain more than what was in the beta? I played the beta, so I'm wondering if there's any point trying out the demo.

      It sounds like it is roughly the beta content. But that was the beta - an unfinished game, and all progress was temporary. With the starter, it's the full game, and you can keep your progress.

    it would be a good way to see if your hardware can run it... can anyone hook a brother up? i'm not sure if it will run on my laptop.

    ive gotta wait a while for mine to come, if anyone doesnt know what to do with their passes send one here :P [email protected]

    same here guys, if anyone can spare a Guest pass it would be much appreciated... Otherwise i need to hang in till next months pay :(

    [email protected]

    Maybe I'm missing something, but where does it say that it is free after 30 days? All I can see on the blizzard site is "available with guest pass only until further notice"

      It does say that. But I am fairly sure that this morning when I read it, it said "30 days". Looks like they've changed their minds?

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