The Divinity Series Returns To Original Sin Early Next Year

European developer Larian Studios has announced the fourth game in its Divinity franchise, Divinity: Original Sin.

Its most recent outing, Divinity II, came out right at the beginning of 2010 and was a direct "many years later" sequel to its first game, Divine Divinity.

Divinity: Original Sin is being cast as a prequel, in the "top-down RPG" mode that made Divine Divinity fun, along with a two-player-character approach reminiscent of 2004's forgettable Beyond Divinity.

Aside from the name, the 2002 original had much to recommend it. Original Sin promises the same approach to an expansive, explorable world and to class-free character development, but this time with turn-based combat, a cooperative multiplayer mode and user-generated content added.

Unlike Divinity II, however, Larian has announced no intention of creating an Xbox 360 version. Divinity: Original Sin is planned for early 2013, for PC and Mac.

Divinity: Original Sin [Official Website]


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