The "EA Indie Bundle" Is Like The Man Saying F*** The Man

The "EA Indie Bundle" Is Like The Man Saying F*** The Man

You may not have heard of Electronic Arts, a boutique publishing label based in Redwood City, Calif. Well, I bet you will be raving about them once you pick up the “EA Indie Bundle” on Steam, the indie-friendly digital marketplace, unlike that Origin bullshit run by that place that screwed up the end of Mass Effect 3.

The Indie Game Magazine discovered the bundle was recently registered on Steam. It contains Shank, Shank 2, Deathspank, Deathspank: Thongs Of Virtue, Warp and Gatling Gears, and is currently live, for $US20.98 (a savings of $US13.96).

The offer ends May 9, so please, reach into those wallets and support independent games development. Thank you.

Excuse Me? EA Indie Bundle Registered on Steam [The Indie Game Magazine]


  • Pssst… Owen!
    Your credit link to Indie Game Mag is actually the URL of your own article.

  • LOL so now EA screwed up the end of ME3 and not Bioware? Or was it cause of Origin that it made the ending so bad?

    Love the unbiased professionalisim in this article, made me have a good laugh.

    • I also had a laugh at the lack of professionalisim by you Owen.
      I think maybe it’s time to move on from Mass Effect 3, I am so sick of hearing people complain about it. Find yourself something else to bitch about and stop polluting articles about topics not even related to Mass Effect.

    • What a shitty excuse for an article. Instead of giving us useful information, possible speculations on if other indie developers will take this idea up and realease the own bundels etc, we get a better look at how much you are still pissed off about Mass Effect/Origin. If I wanted to read posts from people who still have the shits over EA, id jump on IGN. I like that kotaku articles tend to be more well written, but it’s articles like this that really make me think its sliding.

  • That’s some A grade crybaby going on there. Why is the internet having a comprehension problem with games from indie developers that are published by EA? This is more like “The Man” saying, “See, I help out the little people too”. However insincere that may be. For your headline to be even slightly on target, this would have to be about EA saying not to buy EA games.

  • EA Games publishing “Indie” software defeats the entire purpose of “Indie” software. It seems the shills posting comments above me are too stupid to know any better, but then again, they DO support EA Games…

    I’m amazed that after the decades of ruin that EA has heaped on the entire video games industry as a whole (R.I.P Westwood, Bullfrog, Maxis, Pandemic, Bioware…) that people are still supportive of their business practices. Ignorance must truly be bliss.

  • I love that roughly 9 of the commenters above don’t understand sarcasm, irony, or any form of wit, and probably wouldnt even if it was spelt out for them.

    Good times.

  • Worth mentioning, but Warp requires you to use Origin, even if you bought it through Steam. I bought the game through Steam, and I was thoroughly disappointed with the set up.

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