The Excitement Of Driving A Public Bus Around Tokyo. Very Slowly.

Japan has a long and storied tradition of developing games where you are a train driver. Doing very little but going forwards, backwards and slowing down at stations. If that sounds a little too pedestrian for your tastes, well, there's always Tokyo Bus Guide. Released around the turn of the milennium on the Dreamcast (and in Japanese arcades), TBG - developed by Fortyfive (who made Swat Kats on the SNES!) - had you get behind the wheel of one of the Japanese capital's metropolitan buses. And it was serious about it.

While theoritically giving the player more flexibility than train sims, given you're on the road, its guidelines were just as rigid: stray from the road or fail to obey even minor traffic conditions and that was it.

Gameplay was thus resigned to...driving a bus. Slowly, and stopping at a lot of red lights, with missions lasting up to 20 minutes at a turn.

Don't get too judgemental. While it looks and sounds boring as hell, there's a hardcore market for this kind of simulation. Why? Remember: not everyone fantasises about being sci-fi solders or sports stars. Some people just like to kick back and pretend they operate public transport.


    This reminds me of the one one meantion on kotaku, about driving a street sweeper around europe cities .... good times

      I remember that one, was at least worth a watch. Bus driving on the other hand...

    Near fatal accident at 2:53!

      Dude, you made it to 2:53?

    It'd be great if they had a driving simulator kinda like this for your hazard perception test for your actual licence, where you have to reach a certain score (or not reach a certain level of demerits) to pass. Could have a few different "rounds" representing different situations like being directed by a passenger, having to find your own way to a location, and maybe even getting to a location within a limited time(to test if you will drive properly even though you've got a deadline). It could even simulate different weather types.

    Personally I think that would be more effective than what I had to do, which was have a little vid play out in front of me and press when it was safe to do X thing it was testing on. You'd still insert the same sort of situations, but in a simulator you wouldn't know when you're being specifically tested or not. You'd just have to be paying attention the whole time, like you do when you actually drive a car.

      Agreed, and they wouldn't be wasting taxpayer dollars when the software can just be licensed and localised. Although Im sure we'll all miss the question in the HPT where your avatars head does an impossible 360 degree rotation without warning.

    Good god i want this game...I'm not even joking, I want it..NOW

      Yeah I have to second that. I could really sink some time into this...

    That actually looks really i strange?

    Why do i really want to play this game

    This is a great game. This offered something very new and different to gaming and was a lot of fun.
    The precision of the gameplay and genuine satisfaction from completing a bus route rocked hard.

    I hope Tokyo buses really do have a HUD guiding them to the next bus stop.

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