The Explosive Cuteness Of A Real-Life Pikachu-Kitten

Kittens are cute. They yowl and meow, they wander around and fall off of things and are tiny and fun to pet. Sometimes though, they are yellow, and weird, and they talk. When they talk, they say things like "Pik-a-chu!"

And then maybe they blast you with explosive energy. Maybe! Not necessarily.

This video from Zach King depicts the hunt for a real-life Pikachu. It starts off innocuously enough, but things get weird in a hurry once the little sucker actually turns up.

Aw, though. He's so cute.


    Haha that was good. Made me laugh.

    I don't think that's a real Pikachu actually...

    Surprisingly, I really enjoyed that!

    Ironic coz Pikachu's actually a mouse.

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