The Face Of Underage Diablo III Heartbreak

At a recent StarCraft II match, there was a Diablo III limited edition raffle. The winner was jazzed to get the game. The guy in the white shirt is not that winner on a technicality. A heartbreaking one: his age.

Apparently, the guy received a gift card instead of Diablo III due the game's rating and him being underage. Worse yet, Reddit user schf1ftyfive points out that is apparently linked with social security numbers in South Korea, which means that this guy could not activate the game even if he did purchase it.

Disappointment Level: Korean [imgur via Reddit]


    That must suck I hope the guy how got D3 wasn't a Dick about it.

    He could have kept it looking pretty on his shelf until he was old enough to play!

    I would feel bad but it is unlikely he didn't know the law and didn't expect this to happen. Particualry being a child/adolescent he would be acutely aware of the restrictions he has for his age. When he is of age he can buy with his gift card anyway so problem solved.

    I used to go to kotaku. But now like the kotaku writers, I just go to reddit instead

    oh damn i cant bot gold nowwwwwwwww orrrrrrrrr

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