The First Gameplay Trailer For Assassin's Creed III Delivers Fluid, Lethal Action

Now that thousands of people have done Ubisoft's job for them, players everywhere can finally get a look at the new gameplay lurking inside Assassin's Creed III.

This new trailer lets us hear Ratonhnhaké:ton speak at length about his split Native American/European heritage and shows off loads of gorgeous snow-covered open-world action. Many of the 50 things detailed in Stephen Totilo's preview show up in the video, including the movement over uneven terrain, Revolutionary War battlefields strewn with bodies and that big ol' bear that you're gonna have to take down. Sound off with what you see and are most excited for in the comments.


    Since inception I dont think I've seen a trailer for a game or movie without the mandatory... "DUUUUMMMMM" "DUUUUUMMMMM" "DUMMMMMMMM" sounds

      I think you mean "VWARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRM."

      Well, actually, Alien was possibly the first trailer to do that sort of thing. And there have been plenty, you just notice it when it's there and you don't notice when it's not.

    This looks awesome, and I was so determined to resist! :)

      Very Bourne-esque that was, and I likey. The fluidity of how he kills the 2-3 redcoats near the end of the trailer is awesome.

      Paint me excited.

    Gona be mad

    ...well, I should get around to preordering this already.

    I'm keen for a Desmond gameplay trailer, but if the past has taught me anything, it's that I'll be lucky to ever see one....

    Somewhat unhappy about there being an exclusive Mayan Ruins SP mission if you pre-order from GameStop.

    Ancient cultures and mythology - which are core to this entire story - should not be limited to a select few in America.

      I wanted that Mayan Ruin SP mission as well and it's only on the Freedom Edition and it costs heaps! I am still deciding which version I should preorder.

      Think you'll find that GameStop pre order bonuses are avaliable from EB games since its the same company

    I see a lot of gameplay elements and camera work that Ubisoft said wasn't possible to do on current gen, and thats why they won't do BGE2 this gen. So what gives?

      They were probably lying, but their new engine is quite fancy.

    I just started AC: Revelations last week and I have to say - I think I'm done. I played and enjoyed all the previous games, but I'm just sick of it now. Ubisoft have done exactly what I feared they would - taken a very good game and spoiled it. Milked it dry by pumping it out on an annual basis instead of giving a bit of breathing room between each game and making each one really special.

    Also, the series has fallen into the same trap as GTA - just gone for "more! more! more!" of everything. "More cities! Bigger cities! Let's chuck in some stupid city-building mechanic! Now let's chuck in some stupid recruit-Assassins-and-send-them-on-missions bit! Hey, how about some half-arsed tower defence? Yeah!" This is what GTA did, which culminated in the woeful San Andreas - a bloated, self-indulgent piece of crap where the actual fun was so diluted and spread so thinly across the game that you had to spend ages scrounging around just to find some.

    I doubt I'll finish AC:R, and I certainly won't be buying ACIII. All my enthusiasm for the series has just finally dried up. I hate you, Ubisoft.

      Well, they've been developing this one for 3 or 4 years now, completely independent except for story continuity. And from everything I've seen (a Gameinformer cover story and many articles online) this one is different. They've redone everything. And it looks great. I somewhat agree about AC:R, and I wasn't really looking forward to this pre-announcement, but I've reconsidered and I think you should too :)

        I agree. Revelations has become stale after only an hour at the most. I attribute this to what you say though would also add that the free run and climbing is just as unpredictable as previous games and really pisses me off.

        I've kept it for no good reason but I have absolutely no intention of playing it. So far AC III looks like it might just mix up the formula enough to get me interested again.

        A more difficult combat system would be nice as well.

      This game isn't the same as the last one with a few added gimmicks. It's a complete overhaul 4 years in the making, if you'd actually read about the game for a moment you would have realised that.

      This game will be a breath of fresh air the industry needs right now.

        Because there's nothing this industry needs more right now than another sequel.

          Aside from the ignorant sarcasm, this game has been in development for four years now, which is somewhat of a rarity in sequels these days. It's also in a time period that hasn't really been explored in games aside from RTSes. It's also got a new engine and seems to have overhauled gameplay mechanics. "Hurr it's going to be exactly like Revelations so I won't buy it". Seriously do some research instead of being so negative.

            Hey, if you're looking forward to it, that's great. Go ahead, knock yourself out, you may well end up enjoying it when it's released, and good for you if that's the case.

            But that doesn't mean I'm required to share your enthusiasm for a series that I feel has grown tired and stale. And looking at the gameplay trailer I see nothing to make me think this is going to be some significant change in direction.

              Likewise, you don't NEED to be excited for this and I'm perfectly happy if you don't care for it. But please don't rant about how it's going to be awful because the last two were identical to the second, when there clearly isn't as much copy-pasting of mechanics this time around. Judge what you've seen and not what you haven't seen.

              A gameplay trailer with little to no actual visible input from an outside source isn't anywhere near indicative of the final game and you should be basing your thoughts on actual confirmed information rather than mostly flashy gameplay shorts that are mostly based on building hype and getting reactions like "WOW that looks cool!".

      I think you should push on, the "Revelation" doesn't really add anything to the story now we know there info on the new game, but it will provide some context going forward.

      The reason you should continue though is for the ending of the Altair and Ezio story arcs, Altair didn't get alot of exposure since the series has moved on, but I think the ending to each of their stories is quite nice.

      Re : Smashing! & Toasty Fresh
      Whilst it's a mainline entry, I don't expect the game to be that much different from the previous, mainly via Brotherhood and Revelation, they tried to add in some new gameplay mechanics to keep it fresh, but I also think it was a trial to see what also works for the new game, there will be specific new features in this one (hunting), but picking up the controller I really don't believe much will be changed and if they have made the combat even easier I will cry! :(

        From what I've read they've really mixed up the combat which will probably be the defining change in this series. They've apparently toned down or removed the counter mechanic which will be a good thing.

      GTA: SA was the best GTA of all.

        This. That statement alone made me disregard the entire post.

    Nice trailer. Trailers are always nice, however.

      UBISOFT are very very very good at making great trailers. I thought revelations was going to be amazing, it was ok but the trailer made it look incredible. Im wondering if the same will happen here...

        I too wonder. The proof will be in the pudding, as they say....

    Why no PC release all the others had PC release why would they just stop with this one. Piracy is just as bad on the xbox, I actually know of more people who pirate xbox then PC

      In fact I don't know anyone who pirates on PC with the extras and multiplayer becoming more standard and that standard being much higher piracy is less and less appealling. The ease simplicity of consoles is really killing PC gaming. My ps3 has died, I don't have an xbox and don't plan on replacing it or getting an xbox so I and millions of others most likely are now going to have miss out.

      Uhh, since when was the PC release of this cancelled?

        Watch the trailer there are only xbox and PS3 copies shown at the end, no PC.

          I doubt it's cancelled, but if the past is anything to go by the PC release has probably been delayed significantly.


        Prototype 2 and now this. 2 big games dumping PC, more will follow now that they have done it. PC gaming's death has begun, not happy, the will always be dedicated PC games but nothing of AAA caliber or quality

          Assassins Creed PC releases usually come a few months after the console versions. I'm almost certain there will be a PC release. Don't stress.

            Well here's hoping as I know graphics aren't everything but since going away from consoles again with my new PC (could finally afford the upgrade), the visuals of consoles just hurts now and takes away from the immersion for me.
            And since I can just hook up my Xbox controller I don't lose anything with the non FPS games but have the mouse and keyboard there for the FPS games.
            I know PC's are more expensive but just save your money and when ready sell your old/low end PC for extra cash buy a 1 machine does all job, high end graphics/framerate , your choice of controls, modding and you have a much faster multimedia or productivity machine as a bonus.
            Once you have the right primary components (CPU, MB, Ram) all that you need to do for the next few years is upgrade the video card (very cheap for decent cards these days) and you can overclock as well.
            Consoles are great for quick 30 min gaming while laying back on the couch but really you can do that with PC's these days without much hassle as well.
            The console is more of a media machine/player now but since its so easy to dev for its the cheapest most profitable, unfortunate for the PC.

            Thats my Friday rant, let the fanboy flaming begin but take in mind I do like consoles I have had every console since the early 90's so am in no way a fanboy of any 1 platform, they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

              If the graphics of a game "hurts" now, you are not a gamer, you are a visual tourist.

      If you go back and look at the teaser trailer they released for this trailer at the end you can see down the bottom it says PC date to be announced. So while it is comming to PC you'll unfortunately have to wait a bit longer then the console crowd.

    Kotaku can u check with ubisoft about the PC version? Has it been scrapped?

      please, be more of a nerd - it is hilarious!

        You're comment doesn't even make sense Steve.

    I love this time period. Will buy this.


    Do they really have to use the most well-known historical event???

    Use something less well-known and interesting... and wasn't used by millions of movie-makers.

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