The First Screenshot Of The Elder Scrolls Online Sure Looks Like World Of Warcraft


    Looks like Rift - Not Elder Scrolls.

      It actually does look alot like Rift. Maybe it was just some random MMO they were working on and halfway through the dev process decided to label it TES in order to generate more hype and make it stand out from the rest.

      Uhh a MMO made to beat Wow?! Of course it looks the same.

      It's a fucking MMO. They ALL look the same. Every time someone starts talking about an MMO, someone's going to say "hurr it looks like [insert title here]. EVERY TIME.

        Yeah mainly because stylized works best for a game that's going to be around for 7 years

    Not at all impressed or even remotely excited about this. Will have to wait till closer to release to see if this does anything unique or if it is just another fantasy mmo.

    Leaked details of the game.. "Apparently"

      It sounds like its going to be another generic fantasy MMO in Elder Scrolls clothes.

        Why do all MMO's have the same generic look and combat?

          Same reason why all car racing games have the same generic look and playability.
          Same reason why all realistic war FPS games have the same generic look and combat.
          Same reason why all RTS games have the same generic look and combat.

          Welcome to gaming numb nuts.

            Too bad it doesn't have to be, MMO's look so simple so as to be playable by the maximum number of people so they reduce the quality. If Bethesda really wanted to they could have broken the mould, but it's Bethesda.

            MMO isn't a genre though is it? Nor is FPS or RTS.

            MMO stands for massive multiplayer online, which means nothing, Call of Duty is an MMO, does that mean it's like WoW? No it does not.

            Welcome to acronyms numb nuts.

          Mostly because it works and sells. For it to change its up to the consumer to vote with their money and play other more creative games in the genre.

      I call BS on the leak. Does sound about right. But also sounds, I dunno knid of made up? A lot like a list some random fan would sit up fabricating.

    What the hell is the guy in red pants holding? Doesnt look like a sword

      it looks like a hilt-less katana

    Makes me think of EQ2 in a slightly newer engine or perhaps an AoC2. The mobs could fit in WoW but the two humans and the background doesn't really fit the WoW art direction.

      AoC has better art now than this junk. Had better art at launch, actually. Besides, there will nvr be an AoC2.

    Gee, wish I saw the disappointment with this thing coming...

    I am less concerned with the look and more concerned with the gameplay. Unless this game can capture some of the Sandbox feel of elder scrolls and other games like EQ1 rather than just quest hub to quest hub with people doing the same thing as everyone else then I think its going to be yet another boring quest hub, button mashing grind.

      Hate to break it to you but it won't capture that sandbox feel.

      They've already made some pretty big claims as to how the game will play. Between the 'World of Warcraft-like' combat and the level based zone gating it's going to be very hard to just go out there and do your own thing.

    This isn't Guild Wars...

    Oh wow generic. I was hoping for an Oblivion/Skyrim sort of aesthetic. Bummer. Won't be playing this.

    I don't want to pass judgement on the whole game from one screenshot, but the screenshot is so generic that it's hard not to.

    well that's disapointing. Generic looking MMO adventurers fighting what looks like an infernal from WoW skinned to make it look a little like a lightning Atronauch.

    Yeah... looks pretty damn average, doesn't even really share the graphic style of Skyrim, maybe more or less TOR. :(

    Using the hero engine so half of everything that sucked with swtor will suck with this crappy game.

    I am a HUGE Elder Scrolls fan and I love MMOs. This just looks... kind of bland. Never good when first impression is "meh". :(

      Meh was my first impression of Skyrim but i have to admit this does look like WoW with an Elder Scrolls theme

    Thats why i stopped playing Old Republic, it was too much like WoW and looks the same.
    Goodbye MMO's, it was fun.

    Might pick it up If it is FTP at launch. If not, it only takes a few months these days for a paid MMO to go FTP

    Server Down due to unexpected under-enthusiasm .

    I think at the end of the day nobody wanted it to be turned into an MMO, rather, we wanted it turned into something that allows us to play co-op with a mate.

      this sounds about right for elder scrolls games

    Ppl wanted ES MMO to play ES w/others, and this isn't it. No one wants an S WoW-clone. ZMO should listen and retool evrything or just stop before throwing away any more money on a game that no one will want to play.

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