The Game Of Thrones Theme, Performed By Two Ladies With Electric Harps

Twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt, fresh off their tag-team effort harping (is that even a verb?) the theme to Skyward Sword, return with their take on the intro to Game of Thrones.

It's dorky as all hell, especially since these are electric harps and they're in costume, but hot damn, it sounds great. Like the mid-90s PC role-playing game based on Game of Thrones we never got.

Game of Thrones Theme (Electric Harp Duet) Camille and Kennerly, Harp Twins [YouTube, thanks Anita!]


    Sounds like what you'd hear in a Game of Thrones game tavern... just need my ale! Or.... for the more adventurous... milk of the poppy.... ;)

      Milk of the poppy aye? nah, just give me codeine. man I love modern times :P

    Sounds very VERY zelda-esque now!

    Oh geez, here comes the harp-thrusting again. This cant keep a straight face watching this.

    When I'm reborn I want to come back as a musical instrument.

    I think what they need is someone with an elictric Viloin, to beff there sound up a bit... and a Bango.

    The way they sway just makes me want to crush their heads in the palm of my hand.

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