The Game Of Thrones Theme, Performed By Two Ladies With Electric Harps


    Sounds like what you'd hear in a Game of Thrones game tavern... just need my ale! Or.... for the more adventurous... milk of the poppy.... ;)

      Milk of the poppy aye? nah, just give me codeine. man I love modern times :P

    Sounds very VERY zelda-esque now!

    Oh geez, here comes the harp-thrusting again. This cant keep a straight face watching this.

    When I'm reborn I want to come back as a musical instrument.

    I think what they need is someone with an elictric Viloin, to beff there sound up a bit... and a Bango.

    The way they sway just makes me want to crush their heads in the palm of my hand.

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