The Game That Got Me Excited About The PlayStation Move Quietly Arrives

The Game That Got Me Excited About The PlayStation Move Quietly Arrives

Nearly two years ago at E3 2010, Sony showed off a game that demonstrated the true potential the PlayStation Move. Today it quietly slips onto retail shelves. Anyone excited for Sorcery?

Hell, I didn’t even realise the game was coming out today until I showed up at the GameStop midnight launch for Ghost Recon and Dragon’s Dogma, two games with a great deal of buzz surrounding them, far more than motion-controlled magic game.

I was the only one who purchased a copy of Sorcery last night, still riding on the potential I felt two years ago and, more recently, Totilo and Evan’s hands-on video demonstration. .

Now I just have to figure out where my Move controller went. I haven’t seen it in months. It has not been missed.


  • Whoa, this game snuck up on me. I remember thinking it looked interesting at the first Move demonstration, but assumed it had been cancelled or folded into some kind of mini-game bundle. I’ll have to see how much it is, but I’ll prolly end up giving it a shot of some kind. Summoning fire walls looked like fun

  • I was wondering what happened to this game. I just assumed it was canned. I know where my Move controller is so I may have to check it out now.

  • For what it’s worth, IGN has reviewed it. And, again for what it’s worth, they were pretty lukewarm.

  • The trailer did absolutely nothing for me. Perhaps it’s a game you need to play to get excited about?

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