The Geekiest Game On The Planet Is CPU Top Trumps

Before our blanket ban of Kickstarter, we pointed out this superb computer-themed card game called CPU Wars. Unlike many of the doomed projects on that website, it's now a real product that you can buy. And, boy, do you need to buy it.

It's essentially Top Trumps-meets-computer science and features "30 CPUs from the last 40 years [that] have been picked for their contribution to computer history". A single deck of the cards costs $US12.79, and that is without doubt some of the best money you will ever spend. [CPU Wars via Boing Boing]

Republished from Gizmodo.


    I'll see your Athlon64 and raise you a Pentium Pro.
    Oh snap.

    The 586 and its amazing floating point fiasco! Surely the best card?

    Why is there a blanket ban of Kickstarter related news? That just seems silly.

      Probably just more of a 'ban' on ones that haven't reached their goals, otherwise it'd be pages of kickstarters a day.

    Can anyone elaborate on why there's going to be a blanket ban on Kickstarter?

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