The Incredible World Of Giant LEGO Mechs

People make amazing custom spaceships out of LEGO, sure, but they also make amazing custom mechs as well.

Builders across the world, from the US to Japan, have found that, just like with spaceships, LEGO is almost the perfect means to express their own mechanical designs, coming up with machines that at times are a homage to existing works, but at others an improvement.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab".

By legorobo:waka.

By The Grandpappy.

By kwi-chang.

By kwi-chang.

By kwi-chang.

By mondayn00dle

By mondayn00dle

By mondayn00dle

By SnowLeopard.

By squieu.

By squieu.

By squieu.

By Tsan-Lien.

By Adrian Florea.


    sweet holy crud - they are AMAZING!

    Those are great, its just a shame that Mechs aren't going to be effective in real combat.

      What are these? Mech's for ANTS?!?!

        How can we be expected to keep children safe from alien creatures if we can't even fit inside the cockpits!?

    Not large scale ones, but I don't see why a small scale one would not work as a mobile weapons platform.

      Don't get me wrong Iove seeing the bipedal mech designs that people come up with, I do think that they are actually, realistically speaking of course, a weak design. IMHO the joints would be the weakspots. but thats probably a discussion for another time. For now.... I am throwing money at my screen. It does nothing to make these mecha lego designs materialise!

        Honestly was just not that into it because there was no Marauder, Timberwolf or Kodiak.

        tank treads can bust just as easily as anything that could take out an armored leg joint, and once a tanks detreaded they can be a bitch to retread in the field especially if the tread jams.

        The point is, don't get shot in the first place, something that a mech I'd say would have an easier time of considering its smaller foot print and easier access to areas that may provide better cover.

        They'd likely be more useful as artillery platforms in rough terrain. We're never going to have the Japanese version where they've got massive booster rockets and fly around everywhere, but the more Mechwarrior style version where they're simply tanks with legs. Sure in a mech on mech battle it'd be fairly vulnerable, but mech vs. squad of guerilla fighters huddling in a cave, I think we know who'll win there.

    Gotta say... I'm a bit dissapointed.
    I expected MechWarrior...

    Check out 'brickcommander'.

    Now, everybody go down to your local Good Game store with a friend and purchase the two-player starter pack for WARMACHINE.

    wow...very impressive

    makes me want to go watch Code Geass again

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