The Moment When Max Payne Realised He Was In A Video Game

The Moment When Max Payne Realised He Was In A Video Game

It’s not that common that a video game character realises that he’s actually in a video game. And like any fourth-wall breaking shenanigans, it can be a tricky manoeuvre to pull off.

Leave it to Remedy, the guys running the Max Payne franchise before Rockstar took over, to put their own paranoid protagonist through the ordeal. Skip to 1:57 for it — while in a drug-induced stupor (and getting the snot pounded out of him in the real world), Max realises firs that he’s in a graphic novel, and then that he’s in a video game.

Somehow I doubt we’ll see anything like this in Rockstar’s Max Payne 3, but I guess you never know.


  • Hey Kotaku readership, remember that one time this thing happened in a video game? It sure was a thing, huh? Here’s a two paragraph article recapping it. Don’t forget to click on some ads while you’re here!

    • Hey Kotaku readership, look at this comment which points out that x author did an article of y length. Now everyone laugh at my comment because I’m implying video game articles shouldn’t be posted on a site that reports video game news.

      • Hey Kotaku readership, I’m the third comment that’s completely irrelevant… and that’s all…

        “You are in a website comments section, Max”

        *The truth forced my eyes closed like a blinding green light.*

        *All around me I could see highlighted phrases spouting fruitless complaining… The only thing I could do was hit the back button and escape this madness*

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  • i always believed that johnny knoxville would have made the perfect max payne in the movie – broke my heart when i heard he wasnt cast for it

    looks just like him…

    but ya, maxpayne 1 was one of the few games i could have been bothered to finish back in my pc gaming days

  • Yea, and? It was a dream sequence. After it he didn’t think anything of it. Also “Max realises firs”, typo? First?

    • Oh thank God you’re here! I’ve been rocking backwards and forwards in the foetal position on the ground (in a cave) wondering when a fantastic speller would point this typo out for the poor bastard that did it.

      I can get on with life now.

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