The Nintendo DSi Drops To $US99 On May 20

The Nintendo DSi Drops To $US99 On May 20

One of the best values in gaming gets even better on May 20, when Nintendo drops the price of the DSi to $US99.99, with it’s larger sibling the DSi XL at $US129.99.

That’s a $US50 drop over current retail, with the $US149.99 DSi’s price effectively slashed by 33 per cent.

What a wonderful price point for the DSi to be at. For under $US100 gamers old and new will gain access to a digital and retail library filled with more than 2000 titles, a relatively substantial portion of them worth playing. And $US99 is a sweet spot for just about any electronics; one dollar over and you’re into triple digits, but $US99? That’s not so bad.

The new price will also help separate the DSi from the newer 3DS in the market. Previously only $US20 apart, the $US169.99 3DS is now obviously the higher-end product, at least in the eyes of consumers that still subscribe to the notion that the higher the price the better the product.

Why now? Here’s what Nintendo’s official announcement had to say: “The new suggested retail prices provide an even greater incentive to pick up the systems, and provide an easy option for parents who want to introduce younger kids to their first portable games. With graduations looming, Father’s Day approaching and the start of the summer travel season imminent, the new suggested retail prices appeal to all kinds of shoppers.”

I just wish Nintendo had dropped the price before Mother’s Day. I wonder if my mom will accept a rain check.


  • What I don’t get about the DS is how it has a lot of great games, yet you go into any games shop and it’s just shelves of random rubbish. I recently bought Chrono Trigger and Aliens Infestation. But not in a store, online. The pricing of games is also a joke. They still ask around $50, but online Chrono Trigger was $24 and Aliens $17.

    So you can’t find decent games in store and what games you do find you are being robbed for.

  • So, is the DS lite still $100? It would be a fail to have a product the same price as a low-end version.

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