The Opening Of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Is Not Punishment

Remake Persona 2 Eternal Punishment is coming to the PSP. It follows Persona 2: Innocent Sin and was originally released in 2000. The PSP version is out this week in Japan. Persona [Atlus]


    Having loved personal 3 & 4, I honestly found Persona 2: Innocent Sin so bewildering that I never continued with it. Here's hoping this is more in line with modern persona games

      Modern Persona games aren't that great. I still think 3 was bad. 4 was great for being such a departure and being so happy and simple. But why would eternal punishment be modern? It's the sequel to Innocent Sin, so it will play pretty much the same. Honestly I don't what some people have against 2.

    It's a pity Persona 2 is a punishment. I can't even play it, it doesn't hold a candle to 3/4

    Persona 3 and 4 have different battle mechanics than Persona 2 Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment because Persona 2 came out many years before--for the Playstation 1... I think people need to open their eyes and remove any bias in order to play Persona 2--or even Persona 1. As well as stop comparing all these games just because they have the word "Persona" in it.

    "Modern Games" .... I guess most people are spoiled by the Final Fantasy CG graphics because nothing is wrong with Persona 2--the graphics and gameplay are not ancient....

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