The PS Vita Will Come In A New Color. This Is It.

The PS Vita doesn't only come in Piano Black. Today, Sony revealed that the handheld is getting a new colour. Say hello to Crystal White.

Going on sale in Japan, the Crystal White PS Vita is priced at ¥29,980 (US$375) for the WiFi/3G model and ¥24,980 ($313) for the WiFi only model. Also at launch, Sony will have a Crystal White "inner ear headset" for ¥2,800 ($35) as well as a Crystal White carrying pouch, leather case, and strap.


    Will people who already bought the black one get a free one, or will they add an option button to the main menu that allows you to change the colour?

      What the fuck? Stop hitting the pipe, dude...

        I would say stop drinking the bong water, more like

    Why if it's not selling to well would you bring out a new culor


        Sorry, hit wrong reply button. This was meant for comment one, which is possibly crack influenced.

      In case the reason people aren't buying it is the colour (which is really irrelevant)

        Ha thats the reason I didn't buy it cause after seeing the psp release time line you know it goes like this: Black PHAT--> White PHAT --> Rainbow color PHAT---> Black skinny ---> white skinny....---->???
        So from experience I won't be buying one till the skinny one comes out... or till FFX HD or Persona 4 The golden comes out which ever is first

    Why if it's not selling to well would you bring out a new colour ???

      I think I remember somewhere that people surveyed in Japan stated one of the reasons they weren't going to buy a Vita was they were waiting for different colours, and most of them were holding off for a white one.

    Needs more games not more colours
    Sorry for double post

    It's allllways white.... lol

    Also - what Duke said may help :P

      Which of the three things Duke said?

      Sorry, Duke, I couldn't resist. I'll go away now.

        hahaha ohhhh joshy! :P
        The moar gamez one :)
        smiley :D

    There are already lots of great games on it, and lots more coming. The only bad thing about the Vita is the shitty UI.

      Agreed - mean piece of hardware with some quality titles - just needs the 'must have' titles and it's set. Yes, the UI shits me as well. Need to be able to customise - make icons smaller, have more options for arranging/placing icons.

        Oh god the UI is TERRIBLE! lol

        There are some great games - but they really need more and more on the horizon

          Yeah, launch was great - but we need game news now, more than ever. Then again, as I always remind myself and everyone else - the 3DS took 8 months before it really took off. Prior to that, it was being written off as an abject failure.

      My only problem with the Vita is that those games aren't coming quickly enough, I've been stuck with same games for months.

    I love the look of the Vita, but I'm getting old and grumpy. A CFW PSP provides all the portable entertainment I need with one proper UMD in the slot (usually Tekken) and a whole memory stick full of homebrew games and emulated titles that let me re-live my childhood.

    Somewhat unrelated question, but I held a Vita in reality for the first time recently, and I was extremely surprised by how excessively tiny the face buttons, and to a lesser extent the sticks were. Has anyone who owns one found their size to be an issue at all? The sticks while small seemed pretty decent regardless, but my god those face buttons, felt like I was trying to text with my old nokia or something.

    Not sure whether to wait for a revised edition in the hopes the buttons are bigger, there really seems to be space for it on the device : /

      Buttons are fine. My partner complained about the same thing, but I have fairly big fingers and found them a non issue when playing. In actual fact, it's nice as they are close together. I just finished Rayman Origins a couple of days ago and not once was I annoyed that the buttons were too close together.

      No issues whatsoever with the buttons.
      The sticks take a little getting used to.

      You get used to them really quickly. It's actually more precise once you get used to it. But it hurt my hands for awhile.

      The buttons look and feel too close together initially, but after a short time you realise it's not a problem. The only problem I've had is sometimes my thumb touches the right stick when using the buttons - right analog stick and buttons are a fraction too close for me, but it's not common.

      The analog sticks grow on you - they look small, but actually have a decent surface area that doesn't slip too easy. Considering how badly done implementing analog sticks on a portable device could be, it works surpsingly well.

      Thanks for the input guys, debating whether or not to grab one before gravity rush, sounds like it's not really an issue. :)

      Not until i tried wipeout pulse (psp). All vira games are fine so far. Pulse uses x to accelorate which is to close to the right stick.

      I agree. The buttone are tiny and close together. Having said that though, I have never experienced an issue while playing. The controls on the Vita are nice and responsive. It's a surprisingly good set up.

    Looks like some new toilet paper to wipe my ass on. Vita D:

      Are you still here? You're nothing if not persistent.

        I know, it's a talent!

    Cool! Still doesn't help the lack of new games for it since launch.

    I honestly don't understand why anyone buys white electronics.

    This is brilliant, they are hoping that people will mistake this for a Wii U controller!

    Just another reason for people to mistake the Vita for dog poo.

    I want a orange version.

    You missed the whole "limited edition Miku Hatsune version" part btw guys

    Some valuable information from Gematsu, a thorough site.

    Additionally, on August 30, a Limited Edition Hatsune Miku-themed PlayStation Vita will be released alongside Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva for the handheld. It includes the system, a copy of the game, a four gigabyte memory card, original screen protector, AR card and other necessities. It will cost 34,980 yen for the Wi-Fi model and 39,800 yen for the 3G model.

    Sony Japan’s press release for the announcement highlighted the system’s upcoming lineup (and confirmed a release date for Level-5′s Time Travelers), which includes: Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed Battle Destiny (June 7), Persona 4 Golden (June 14), Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (June 28), Time Travelers (July 12), Resistance: Burning Skies (July 12) and Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva (August 30).

    And a promotional video for the new white colour.

      ^ For those complaining about lack of games. I will buy one?

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