The Real Weapons Of Modern Warfare

Earlier this month, Astana in Russia played host to an international military equipment expo. You know, like E3, but with real guns, real tanks and real fighter planes. So nothing like E3, then.

Still, there were grenade launchers, sniper rifles and an array of combat vehicles and aircraft — basically, a bunch of stuff you can see in war-based shooters.

Those attending could check out sample weapons at any of the kiosks. You? You can check out the photos below.

Оружие XXI века [Vox Populi via English Russia]


    It's so beautiful... I think i'm gonna cry!

    Gold plated guns are an actual thing?

      Of course, haven't you played Army of TWO? :P

    Gold guns are awesome, i got my gold gun in Blops and MW3.

    i'll be happy with that integrally suppressed MP5 thank you

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