The Slow Motion Chaos Of Max Payne's Multiplayer

I've managed to get hands on with both the single player and multiplayer of Max Payne 3 now — and while I absolutely loved my time with single player, I didn't quite enjoy the multi as much as I'd hoped. But since I'm fully aware that's just my own subjective opinion, I thought it might be worth posting this new video released by Rockstar to give you an idea what to expect, so you can make up your own mind.

It's worth noting, however, that Rockstar has somehow managed to make bullet time work in multi — which is an incredible achievement in the grand scheme of things. I think my only issue was the fact that it felt a little sluggish. Max Payne is all about feeling like this insane bullet machine, a man that is always on the cusp of death, but somehow manages to survive and slaughter the goons in his path. I think that powerful/weak feeling is hard to replicate in the chaos of multiplayer.

Still, I'm usually a fan of what Rockstar does with it's multi. I loved Chopper vs Chopper in The Lost and Damned, and enjoyed Red Dead Redemption, so maybe I just need a bit more time.


    Game UK are selling this for $40AUD through their download site until Monday.

    I've bought 5 games through them without any hassles.

    Could we get some subtitles on this?

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