The Spectacular Live Debut Of Nvidia's $999 Dual-GPU Video Card

Nvidia president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took this stage this weekend at the GeForce LAN Shanghai to introduce the GeForce GTX 690, a dual-GPU monster designed from the ground up to be the most powerful video card in history. Are your nipples hard too?

What, it's a ridiculously powerful graphics card. When the news first dropped this weekend, Nvidia compared the power of the GTX 690 to that of two GTX 680s slung together in SLI. If we read between the lines we can assume they mean the performance Nvidia likes to think that configuration has and not the actual performance of SLI'd cards, which isn't nearly as impressive. If this one card can delivery that sort of dreamy power, than I'd like two of them please. And a new motherboard. And a case.

Tell you what, I'll unplug my speakers, and you can just slip an entirely new machine in.

I like how Huang says that no design was included unless it enhanced the performance of the GPU, and then points out that this is the first graphics card with its name imprinted on the card itself. How does that aid performance? Shut up, it's cool.


    The one thing I hate about these more and more powerful video cards is they're getting LARGER AND LARGER... Everytime you get a new computer or a new card you have to be damn sure your video card will fit in your case.

      i think if you are buying a $999 video card you can afford a decent case to fit it in?

      midrange cards these days are actually smaller in length than of series past, and most modern cases will take them fine

      At least this generation seems to be smaller mostly. My 6970 was 31cm long, the 7970 is only 28cm long.

    "If we read between the lines we can assume they mean the performance Nvidia likes to think that configuration has and not the actual performance of SLI’d cards, which isn’t nearly as impressive."
    Am I reading that wrong?

      “If we read between the lines we can assume they(Nvidia) mean the performance they like to think the configuration has, not the actual performance of SLI’d GTX680 cards which isn’t nearly as impressive.”

      Editing Kotaku editors like a boss.

        Anal Retentive much?

    It's actually small than other dual gpu cards

    Slowtaku does it again!

      hahahaha Slowtaku!
      That's so clever! It's like slow + kotaku!
      Thanks for enriching me and adding valuable input to the topic of the article

    Does anyone else not get excited by hardware upgrades anymore? Honestly, my pretty-good rig from several years ago comfortably does all the games I play in 1920x1200, so... eh? Maybe if I had one of those crazy multiple-monitor displays, sure, but does anything really push these things anymore beyond absurd benchtests that don't reflect reality?

      Not when they are these prices and you can have a kickass crossifre/sli setup for a fraction of the cost yet nearly the same, if not more, performance. And here I thought the days of $1k video cards was long gone.

      People have pretty amazing setups now, if you ran 3 monitors at 1080p and 120Hz you would most certainly need this card to get your minimum 80fps to start getting benefit, possibly needing two of them.

      I still get excited, you can still tax your card by making the game do things it wouldn't normally.

      I recently fiddled with the ini files for Skyrim to make it render as far as I could see in full detail instead of it turning down the detail when you look further than 10 meters into the distance.

      But I do think it doesn't really matter that much, it doesn't add a huge amount to the actual gaming experience but it sure is nice to look at.

      Plenty of people play most games on 3 monitors these days. I play mine at 2560x1440 ... which requires a bit more juice ... but since we're just playing console ports with heavier textures you're absolutely correct.

      Also ... this whole article looks more like a mindless fanboyish advertisement than a news article. I hope Kotaku is getting paid for this by Nvidia.

        Dont remember seeing anything about the 7900, 7800 or 7700 series when they were released by ATi so who knows. Be interesting to see when the 7990 if Kotaku do a post about it.

        On the other hand you gotta give them credit for atleast trying to cover PC gear for a change. Not often that happens.

          can you tell me how to play a game over two monitors? how do you do it?

            NVIDIA Surround
            ATI eyefinity

            you need the right cards that support the tech to really get the benefit. And generally you want 3 monitors, not 2, because otherwise you have a border in the middle of the view.

            You need windows 7 for that nvidia surround stuff, and vista/7 for the ATI. Also.. lots of money, you're pretty much going to need the dual card set up.

      Blame consoles. I liked things better when each console had it's own cool exclusives and PC's had crazy hardware pushing games. These days consoles are just slow PC's and PC's just get ports off consoles.

        True that, which is part of why I've noticed myself shift towards original, indie games in the last year or so.

      When you hit a res of 6000x1200 more powerful cards help. But I can tell you, your still not going to be maxing out your card. At that res Skyrim, ME3 and everything else ive chucked at my 7970 ran fine. Honestly if your running at 1980x1200 or less, a far cheaper card will do you really well - or better yet, buy last gens high end cards for cheap and your laughing.

      Prior to this, I was using a dual 4870X2, when both died I used a spare 4850 I had lying around - and quite honestly, it handled everything at 1920x1200 with no issues. There is no NEED for a high end card unless your going to expand your monitor setup or if your one of those people who must have every single AA and AF setting maxed out in the control panel.

    /shrugs. My 7970 runs everything great at 6000x1200 res.. I'll just wait until close to release of next gen cards and buy a second. Get nearly a 100% power saving on the second card when its idle too so still a better option in the long run.

    So did they benchmark them? Which was better? Can't watch the vid. iPhone/Vodafone so slow

    The thing I noticed is that even amoungst a crowd that should know better (tech people) most are still too stupid to turn the flash off on their camera.

      Those flashes got pretty annoying

    my penis is rock hard now

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