The Ultimate Video Game Setup

This image has been circulating everywhere on the internet today, and for good reason: it's friggin' fantastic. With a setup like this, who needs real life? [Reddit]


    The tv is a bit high. Do they play standing up?

      Check out the angle on the TV, it points downwards. I'd say they moved the couch for the photo

    No 360?

      I can't see it either. But that's Marcus Fenix over on the left. Maybe this is the storage room, where he puts what he's not playing. Explains the lack of a Xbox 360, Wii, and PC.

        Actually... Isn't that a Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 in the middle'esk left of the pic?

          I think it's GoW3 from what I can see in the higher res pics.. But i'm not familiar with the franchise so yeah.

          There was a link to higher res pics later down in the Reddit thread, maybe the article could be updated with this?

        Interesting, I just put it down to the fact he musn't play shit consoles.

          hilarious! you should be a bloody comedian......

      I believe it's that black box thing on top of the cabinet on the left, above the silver DVD player.

      Also, there's a second PS2

    I think I could almost do this. Maybe I should...

    Notice that the system isn't on?

    The reason?

    The owner is off playing Diablo III on his PC that can emulate all of these consoles. Lol

      Thanks Steven.

    What's annoying me a little is that the N64 is slightly off centre of the box it's in.

      BURN HIM!

    Haha, very cool. Except my wife wouldn't allow it - too cluttered.

    Both a regular and top-loader NES? Now that's just excessive.

    Thats pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever seen

    Just for display, no way they'd all be plugged in though.
    I have seven consoles that is WAY too many cables to manage as it is.

    Very interesting idea though....

      If he's gone to that much trouble with the set up, he'd no doubt have some kind of a seperate hub for all of the cables. Those things would exist right?

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

      why oh why didnt you take the red pill

    Here's a tour - Cheers to Ben!​user/16bitghost?ob=0

    Clearly this guy has... NEVER been laid!!

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