The Unfinished Swan Is The Anti-Call Of Duty

Man, there's been a lot of Call of Duty news tonight. Perhaps, if you don't like the series, too much. If that's you, here's a palette cleanser, in the form of a PSN game that's about swans, and paint, and pretty music.

The Unfinished Swan is based off an old tech demo that's been around for a few years now. You play it by throwing paint around an all-white world; as you do so, it reveals the world and its inhabitants around you.


    That looks brilliant. No idea how it might play but it looks brilliant.

    Anti-call of duty? So it is targeted at a select few and designed not to try and be entertaining or sell lots of copies?

      Why not? Any game with a modest budget and realistic sales figures can still be profitable. Sony & thatgamecompany did pretty well from flOw, flower & Journey (I picked up all 3).

      As everyone keeps trying to imitate COD, the industry becomes stale, so we should be supporting those with new ideas and this is something that looks really interesting and different.

      Entertaining = subjective.

    Is it just me...what does it have to do with call of duty??...

    It reminds me of Devils Tuning Fork a bit, in the way you are blind until you actively expose the worl around you, only instead of echolocation you use paintballs.

    Yes but as a company, why spend and reucsroes trying to prevent people from doing this, when it would require an insane work force and infrastructure, when you could just do it yourself and make profit, it makes total sense to me.ive been playing wow since Vanilla,and still play,ive got a 85 of every class etc, and Honestly feel that if they didn't devote even, HALF the work force they do on ban/monitoring farmers, maybe they wouldn't have lost 600k accounts, Content sucks.

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