The Witcher Creators Are Creating The Official Cyberpunk Role-Playing Game

At today's special Summer Conference event, The Witcher developer CD Projekt revealed that their next big role-playing game is an official game based on the Cyberpunk pen-and-paper role-playing system.

It's being built by a second CDP Red team made up of Witcher veterans and will focus on letting players create their own characters to navigate through a futuristic world's decadent society with ultra-modern tech and morally ambiguous choice. A full line-up of classes aren't being revealed yet by the dev studio, but here's how it's describing the upcoming title:

Players will experience the world through their own, unique characters chosen from different classes — be they blood-thirsty mercenaries or cunning hackers — that they will equip with vast selection of cybernetic implants and deadly weapons. As in the Witcher series, players will face morally ambiguous choices, their actions influencing events in the world at large and the fate of the individuals they encounter.

We'll have more on Cyberpunk as news becomes available.


    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *mind explodes*

    Holy shit. This is the most unexpected and awesome news ever! I've been waiting for something like this for a long time.

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