The World's Largest High IQ Society Enters The Brain Game... Game

Since 1946, Mensa has been bringing together the most intelligent people in the world and convincing them to pay annual membership fees for a card that proves how clever they are. Now the world's largest gathering of large IQ scores teams with Square Enix for Mensa Academy, a game aimed at training others to pay annual membership fees for a card that proves how clever they are.

Called American Mensa Academy in America (we're off to a grand start), the game aims at training players' brains through a series of coaching and practice exercises to think like someone that might one day attend Mensa dances and read Mensa publications. There'll be plenty of X is to Y as A is to something questions, word problems, puzzles and other intelligence-straining activities covering five different categories: maths, language, logic, memory and visual.

All of this training leads to a test to determine the player's Mensa Academy score, which is like their Brain Age, but someone already did that.

"We are very excited about the development and launch of the American Mensa Academy game. Many of the puzzles and quizzes are similar to the questions and challenges presented on the actual Mensa Admissions Test. What a great way to challenge yourself and your friends." said Pamela L. Donahoo, CAE, executive director America Mensa in the official press release.

Developed by Barnstorm Games, American Mensa Academy launches July 27 for Windows PC, with versions in the works for consoles, iPhone, Android, 3DS and more.

Who knows? Maybe this is your stepping stone towards one day spending $88 a year.


    Not seeing a lot of value in this except for training to pass the entry exam, which pretty much invalidates your application.

    I looked into Mensa membership decades ago but didn't pursue it due to
    a) the annual fee for nothing of real value
    b) poor correlation between high IQ and actual 'intelligence'
    c) the 98th percentile not being high enough - anyone who's been paying attention will realise that (irrespective of IQ results) people as a whole are becoming more 'stupid' and merely being in the top 2% of that bell curve doesn't stand for much

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