There Will Be A New Need For Speed Later This Year

Collect your winnings, people, on one of the safest bets in video games. There will be a new Need for Speed this Australian spring, a fact EA believes it already told us (they did?).

They've got it listed in a new slide that shows all their "announced" games for the rest of their financial year (ending March 31, 2013!). No further details on what it's about. Maybe it's the rumoured Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2?

For those who don't live their lives by financial calendars, where EA's slide indicates Q3, they mean October 1-December 31.

Electronic Arts Inc. Q4 FY 2012 Results slideshow [EA]


    I'd much rather a new Burnout. Criterion have been fairly quiet so hopefully at E3...

    Sounds like EA is behind schedule, their quota is to dish out 4 NFS games per year.

    For the LOVE of GOD. Please give us Underground 3!

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