There's So Much To Like About This Live-Action Max Payne Fan Flick

Max Payne: Valhalla. It's a short fan-made tribute to Max Payne and while it has its rough edges, the action sequences are very well done. Trust me, it is seven minutes and 49 seconds you should watch.

Sure, the actor playing Payne doesn't quite have the same constipated expression as Remedy's writer / actor Sam Lake, but his costume[s] is spot on and he can do a ground roll when required. I don't remember being able to crawl under desks, but maybe I missed the prone key during my play-through.

There's a great bit I don't want to spoil (you'll know it when you see it), but if you don't laugh out loud, then you must have had a humour lobotomy at some stage in your life.

[YouTube, via DSOGaming]


    3 things:
    1. Loved it. So much right with this that was so wrong with the Mark Wahlberg movie. The actor didn't look much like Max but the attitude and voiceover won me over completely.
    2. The LOL moment had me literally laugh out loud in surprise, please dont anyone spoil it :) Don't be *that* guy.
    3. Hollywood should really pay attention to some fanfilm people lately, Taencheron got noticed for his MK filmclip, there's some real quality out there like this and that Bioshock filmclip. Im positive with a low budget of 20m or 30m, this could be a kickass Max Payne film.

    4... note the strategically placed cardboard during the roll lol

      Whoa, let's not drink the coolaid all in one go. While this fan film is good for a fan film, there is a gulf of difference in quality between this and the MK film or the Max Payne film for that matter (crappy as that was).
      Put simply: the guys that did the MK fan film deserve to do the actual MK movie. These guys, do not. Any 14 year old who's watched enough john woo movies knows how to create good action set pieces.

        As someone who directs his own short films, I can tell you THAT is completely not true.

        It is very hard to direct good action, there are a plethora of AWFULL short action films on youtube to prove this.

        This was an excellent low budget short. I would be excactly giving them 30M for the next one, but they did a great job.

    Loved the Max Payne OST plus the cardboard to soften the roll landing lol.

    That was pretty cool. If nothing else it shows how much better the movie would have been if someone involved had actually played the game.

    Thanks for your comments guys. If there's anything you want to know about the production, we will try to answer as soon as possible. Greets from Spain!

      ¡me lo gusto mas que la película actual!

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