These Amazing Video Game Guns Actually Fire

Brian Johnson makes replica video game weapons. Unlike other ones that just look nice, though, he goes the extra mile and has them functioning as actual NERF guns.

We showed you one of these last year, but man, the whole collection is so great I'm showing you a ton of them tonight.

Drawing from properties like Mass Effect, Fallout and even Warhammer, Johnson's guns are about as close as you're ever going to get to being Commander Shepard or some post-apocalyptic wanderer.

Unless you actually are a Commander Shepard. Like this guy was. In that case...carry on!

Johnson Arms [DeviantArt]


    They look very good

    one day luke plunkett is gonna go on a killing spree just for the fun of it, guns aren't cool...

      Guns can be cool. It's the people behind them that misuse them that aren't cool. You can kill a person with a car, so are cars not cool?

    I bet a mob like Red Jacket Firearms (Sons of Guns) or Gunsmoke (American Guns) could turn these into actual firearms.

    But NERF guns are cooler =P

    DL-44 made it all worthwhile

    Nerfenstein in Australia also does this very nicely.

    I came for AC DC, I stayed for the awesome Mass Effect weapons.

    The one in the title picture looks really awkward to hold and fire.

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