These Avengers Action Figures Look So Real You'll Think They're Tiny Actors

Bar none, Hong Kong outfit Hot Toys make the most realistic action figures on the planet. So it's nice to know that, with The Avengers destroying box office records all over the planet, Hot Toys has the licence to produce large, expensive and very fancy figures based on the movie.

Nearly every major character in the film is or will soon be available (and we've even seen some already). Indeed, four of the are being thrown together in the one pack that's being given away, with Kotaku readers able to hit up this link to enter the draw to win a bundle including Nick Fury, Captain America, Hawkeye and Thor. The same link will also let you know how to get your hands on Tony Stark's Mark VI figure, which is limited to only 3000 pieces worldwide and won't be available in stores.

Below you'll find pics of the four bundled figures, the Iron Man Mark VI and the newly-announced Loki, who'll be out in December and cost $US210.


    The Loki one is the best replica I think, looks just like him!


    No Black Widow?

      They'll get to her eventually. Teasers went up recently for their Hulk and the Mark VII Iron Man, so hers should pop up soon enough.

      Speak of the devil - Black Widow teaser just got posted to facebook


    can't wait to see the Hulk and Black Widow.

    where is black widow ?!?!

    Those are perfect! Whoever the sculptor is, take a bow

    I dont remember seeing Leonardo DiCaprio as Thor in the Avengers?!!

    Loki is the best, but no one likes him :P

    Since Joss Whedon thought the triangle on Iron Man's armour looked like ass (and I agree), using that one for the figure is kind of insulting.

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