These Girls Sing A Darned Lovely Song About Hobbits

Well, aw. I have to admit a fondness for Leonard Nimoy's Hobbit Song, but this is on a whole new level. For starters, it's actually good.

Songwriter Allie Goertz and vocalist Megan Barrett perform this heartwarming duet about Bilbo Baggins, the shire, and the quest that lies before him. It's great stuff.

Take a little musical break from your internet comings and goings and give it a listen. You'll be glad you did.

Stick around for the bridge:

There is a fire in the hearts of all Beyond the shire you may soon feel tall ooh-ooh

You can find Allie Goertz on facebook and check out her music on bandcamp.

[Thanks Gary!]


    so has Kotaku also become a fantasy novel book club now.....

      Must have... because we all know there were never any LoTR video games now were there...

    This just inspired me to go read the Hobbit again. But then I watched the Leonard Nimoy version...

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