These Things Japanese People Don't Want To Do Alone

Some things are fun in a group. Some things are fun alone. And something things are just unpleasant without the company of others.

An online research site polled nearly one thousand of its users about things people find painful when flying solo. Here's a look (those polled could list multiple answers):

9. Eating at a ramen restaurant alone: 1.9 percent

8. travelling alone: 2 percent

7. Seeing a movie alone: 2.3 percent

6. Going to a concert alone: 6.4 percent

4. Going to karaoke alone: 13.3 percent

4. Going to a bar alone: 13.3 percent

3. Going to a buffet alone: 21.5 percent

2. Going to a yakiniku (BBQ) restaurant alone: 23.4 percent

1. Going to an amusement park alone: 53.7 percent

As the poll reflects, being asked "A table for one?" is generally seen as somewhat sad when going to places people usually go with their friends, family, or loved ones. Ramen restaurants are often (though, not always) places businessmen quickly grab lunch or dinner, so many people are more used to going to these types of restaurants by themselves.

Recently, there's been a trend to make certain kinds of solo activities less depressing, such as karaoke places that specialize in serving customers who want to sing alone.

Seeing movies alone, or heck, going to amusement parks alone, has never really bothered me. But I'd rather go to bars, even ramen restaurants, with others.

It's interesting that arcades weren't included in this poll. I actually love visiting arcades alone, and I cannot think of a better place to zone out, relax, and lose myself in games (besides my own home, that is).

これだけはできない、おひとり様の行動 [NicoNico News]

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    Err....*scratches head in confusion about relevance to gaming....

    Did I do it right? Or is profanity a prerequisite on Brian's articles?

    Looking at that list I don't like doing any of those things alone either, don't think it's a Japanese-only trait there.

      Brian Ashcraft just wants any excuse to relate an article to Japanese people and cultre :P

      yeah I wouldn't want to do any of those things alone either

    Why would anyone go to karaoke alone? Surely you can do the same thing just by singing along to your own stereo...

    Of course I don't understand why anyone would go to karaoke at all, so maybe there's a fundamental element of the psychology I'm missing.

    I'm surprised their isn't a:
    "Being alone while being alone" option, would have thought that came out on top.

    Yep.. THeres nothing more 'FUN' than going on It's a Small World or Space Mountain all by yourself.

    Why isn't fapping on that list...

      Because you generally don't do that with your friends.

    I used to travel alot and had to eat in resturants alone.Tip, take a note pad with you and pretend to write notes or a review and you will feel less self-conscius, get great food and service and possibly a commplimentry bottle of wine Etc.

    Joe, there's nothing sadder than a sad Japanese man.

      You get your punk ass outta my sushi-ba!

    Did plenty of these on my own in Japan. But then I'm weird.

    forever alone

    Man I can voucher for the amusement park one. I didn't particular feel lonely when I entered the place; I was travelling by myself and I had been longing to go to that place for a while so not having my friends or partner around didn't bother me. However, at /every single attraction/ I went to I was given an awkward look by the person allocating seats while glancing around to see if there was anyone coming along with me until finally asking "uh, just you?" which obviously made everyone else in the line take notice and give funny looks.

    By the third ride I was feeling quite lonely indeed.

      Man no kidding.

      It's even worse when the amusement park is food themed, like the one I went to.

    BBQ restaurants are impossible to go to on your own. It just doesn't happen!

    "Hey, would you like to play a game of Lucky Hit"

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