They’re Just Trademarking The Hell Out Of Everything In Skyrim

They’re Just Trademarking The Hell Out Of Everything In Skyrim

If you’ve got any Dragonborn T-shirts, bumper stickers or other crap up on Cafe Press or Etsy, now might be the time to hold a clearance sale. ZeniMax Media just submitted a trademark application for that term, joining the recent filing it made for “Fus Ro Dah,” presumably for the same purposes.

They’re not screwing around, folks. Also, earlier this week, the maker of “Dragon Shout for Skyrim,” a map annotation application for iOS devices said he received a copyright infringement notice. His app has not yet been removed from the iTunes store but it has now slashed its prices to the super low price of “free,” now that the server costs for the game’s social features have been paid.

Can’t wait until “arrow to the knee” gets trademarked.

ZeniMax files trademark for Dragonborn [Fusible]


  • Surely they can’t trademark Dragonborn? The term is fairly common. Just look at Dungeons and Dragons for one.

      • It is definitely a race in the Player’s Guide of 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons, and it’s ‘Dragonborn’, one word. 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons was published a long time before Skyrim.

        • Goes back further than that. D&D’s Dragonborn first appeared in 2006’s Races of the Dragon, only there they were members of other races that became human-dragon-things. So yeah, I suspect Wizards of the Coast already hold the copyright if anyone does.

          • I’m pretty sure the term also makes it into “The Wheel of time” series, along with the phrase “The Dragon reborn”.

  • +1 for the comments about Dragonborn in D&D. I also wonder at what point this becomes one of those ‘Edge’ issues – after all in a swords and sorcery setting there are only so many different ways you can call something what it would commonly be called – eg. dragonborn/half-dragon person, dragonborne/person transported by dragon, dark elf/elf who lives in the dark (either literally or figuratively depending on lore), witch hunter/hunter of witches, etc. (not like the whole hobbit/halfling issue where the former is a neologism and the latter a logical contraction)

  • trademarking the short term fads that came out of the game

    ill be honest, i don’t think that’s gonna stop hipsters and GAIMER GURLZ from violate the shit out of FUS RO DAH in comics thinking there being edgy

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