Thieves Try To Steal Xbox From House Full Of Poison

Thieves tried to snatch an Xbox 360 on Wednesday from a home in Orlando covered in a fumigation tent, the Orlando Sentinel reports. They've got video of it.

The paper says the thieves "dropped everything and ran" when the alarm went off. So, as long as an Xbox 360 can withstand fumigation, it's probably safe. T.V. Sagnella, the person who owns the burgled home, tells the paper: "They're obviously not very smart to go inside a house full of poison... I wouldn't kill myself for an Xbox."

We will place the Xbox Fumigation Thieves alongside the Stolen-Game-Reseller, The Cocaine Xbox Smuggler and the Concept Artist Fraudster as some of the dumber video game crooks of 2012. Take a bow!

Burglars who broke into poison-filled Lauderdale home 'stupid,' victim says [Orlando Sentinel]


    Umm dont you die if we breath that shit in? Lol

      It's bug spray. If you get a bit of it in you it can make you sick, but if you chill out breathing it in for a long time you will die.

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

    hahaha reminds me of always sunny in philladelphia episode with the world series baseball tickets

    and *facepalm returns...

    so poison filled houses are not a deterrent to burgulars. There is still hope for the patented shark with laser beams home protection plan

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