This Amazing Trials Evolution Level Is A Musical Marvel

This Amazing Trials Evolution Level Is A Musical Marvel

Even though I’m on the record saying that Trials Evolution‘s soundtrack is so bad it’s like they were kidding, the game itself is a blast, and some of the user-generated levels are truly spectacular.

Like this one, from YouTuber TheJonDeezie, who has made this video of “Desert of Music,” a very challenging track laid out over musical instruments, speakers, and more. I never thought I’d get this much enjoyment out of watching a guy try to ride a bike over an eighth-note, across some organ-pipes, down a guitar neck, up some hand-drums, across a xylophone….

And then, at 1:23… things get really really amazing.

This is excellent. Time to go download this one.

(Thanks, JKills, for the tip on this one.)


  • Just reminds me how incredibly frustrating that article was where he just bitched and whined about the music in Trials Evolution.

    • ^ how thick does he have to be to notice that the music WAS supposed to be over the top and not taken seriously…

      Even so it’s still fairly good. I can’t help but laugh whenever one of those raps come on during the start up.

  • Wow. TheJonDeezie is terrible at this game. Why would you upload that? It’s actually embarassing to watch. Surely there are more competent videos of this track available.

  • that was just frustrating to watch. if your going to do a video of the track at least be able to finish it without crashing!!!

  • Some of the user tracks are incredible, last night I played one based on the show Wipeout! and there was another where you had to get a ball into a goal to proceed to the next section of track, some of the stuff that’s come out in just a handful of weeks is mindblowing!

  • I am constantly amazed at the tracks on offer by the Trials maestro track builders. I played this one last week. Awesome. I expect plenty more weird and wonderful tracks just like this for a time yet.

    The soundtrack is very fitting too.

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