This Amazing Trials Evolution Level Is A Musical Marvel

Even though I'm on the record saying that Trials Evolution's soundtrack is so bad it's like they were kidding, the game itself is a blast, and some of the user-generated levels are truly spectacular. Like this one, from YouTuber TheJonDeezie, who has made this video of "Desert of Music," a very challenging track laid out over musical instruments, speakers, and more. I never thought I'd get this much enjoyment out of watching a guy try to ride a bike over an eighth-note, across some organ-pipes, down a guitar neck, up some hand-drums, across a xylophone….

And then, at 1:23… things get really really amazing.

This is excellent. Time to go download this one.

(Thanks, JKills, for the tip on this one.)


    just reminds me how incredibly frustrating this game is...

    Just reminds me how incredibly frustrating that article was where he just bitched and whined about the music in Trials Evolution.

      ^ how thick does he have to be to notice that the music WAS supposed to be over the top and not taken seriously...

      Even so it's still fairly good. I can't help but laugh whenever one of those raps come on during the start up.

        I love the raps too. I laugh every time. I say bravo!

    Awesome... There are some truly amazing tracks that are out there.

    Wow. TheJonDeezie is terrible at this game. Why would you upload that? It's actually embarassing to watch. Surely there are more competent videos of this track available.

      And a quick search proves that, yes, there are much better videos...
      Slightly lower quality, but at least he only makes one fault.

    that was just frustrating to watch. if your going to do a video of the track at least be able to finish it without crashing!!!

    Some of the user tracks are incredible, last night I played one based on the show Wipeout! and there was another where you had to get a ball into a goal to proceed to the next section of track, some of the stuff that's come out in just a handful of weeks is mindblowing!

    I am constantly amazed at the tracks on offer by the Trials maestro track builders. I played this one last week. Awesome. I expect plenty more weird and wonderful tracks just like this for a time yet.

    The soundtrack is very fitting too.

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