This Car Crash Is A Video Game Turned Nightmarish And Horrible

It looked like Grand Theft Auto, but it was very real — and almost very deadly.

Last week, a Hyundai YF Sonta pulled out of traffic and went tearing down the street, weaving through traffic, and piling into a stopped car. Ten people were injured (the driver broke ribs, while the passenger's vertebrae was damaged), and the crash entangled six cars. Thankfully, no one was killed.

The accident has been called the result of unintended acceleration, but the way the driver pulled out of his lane does make that claim suspicious. Black box footage has gone viral, and much of it resembles like 1976 French short film C'était un Rendez-vous (and pretty much every street racing game). That is, until the horrifying collision.

Korean authorities are looking into the accident, and according to LiveDoor News, they still do not know the cause.

ヒュンダイ車が突然150キロの猛スピードで疾走し激突、あわや大惨事に [韓フルタイム]


    Why is this on Kotaku? It's sick and irrelevant.

      Because it looks like Grand Theft Auto. Kind of like how school shootings in the US look like Counter Strike.
      But you know, it's unfair to compare games to tragedies and all.

      Agreed. This has no place here.

      And the only thing connect this vid with games is that first (unnecessary) sentence

    Ah, I love those videogames.

    One less arsehat on the roads. HooRay!!

    Holy crap. WTF indeed.

    Is this Kotaku or is this Today/Tonight?
    YOU decide.

    Hey lets, what people almost die, that's ENTERTAINMENT!

    This trailer for GTA5 look awesome


    Apparently the car got stuck on accelerate and the breaks wouldn't work, and you can see there were no signs of slowing down when it was obvious that he was going to crash into the car in front. If this is really the case then this is hardly GTA like and the driver doesn't really deserve all these insults as he did his best to avoid everything >_>

      Because you couldn't simply pull it out of gear? It's a rubbish claim, deliberately driving like an idiot and came unstuck I'd suggest

        possible, but it's hard to think logically like that when everything happens so fast - don't forget that it took only 14 seconds from the first sign of trouble till impact. not to mention there are far, far too many people out there who see driving as a chore and don't give the slightest about the inherent dangers of operating two tonnes of powered metal, but that's a rant for another time.

      The fact that the speedo at the top of the vid seems to say that too - the car never stopped accelerating and was travelling at 123+ km/h at impact. it's pretty much a given that car brakes alone can't overpower the engine, so it's fairly possible theory. The best thing to do if this ever happens to you is to slam the gear stick into neutral before you try and brake - with a fairly hard push you can shift an auto into neutral even if the gearstick button is stuck. for a manual it's a similar case without using the clutch.

    Why was this filmed?


      its not unusual for drivers to keep dash cams, in case they get reversed into, involved in accidents etc. could be the difference between paying up and being paid up to sometimes.
      have seen many of them taken to provide evidence for and against the owner in my local area after crashes, thefts and car fires (am a vol. firefighter).

    Bullshit that was accidental acceleration, he went through about 2 intersections and had plenty of time to apply the breaks or hand break if the others were cut. Idiot driver.

    I drove to the vet today.


    As above. A complete waste of bandwidth.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Or maybe you just read in the article where it says it was in Korea?

    ridiculous to see this on kotaku. its no more relevant to games than an issue of babes and boars

    Up next, pictures of guys spanking strippers on Kotaku because it relates to Duke Nukem.

      Hey, that would be welcomed! Well the strippers would be :D

    Kotaku has really tanked since Crecente left.

    Ummm, we didn't he just take the key out of the ignition? Put on your hazards after stopping and suddenly life is dandy again.

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