This Car's Trunk Is Open For Illegal Chinese Business

Street vendors in China are a common sight — even those peddling their wares from the back of their car. These vendors sell everything from small animals to counterfeit handbags — anything that can fit in an automobile trunk.

This photo, taken by Darnell Gardner Jr, is of a street vendor in Gulou, Beijing, selling goods from his trunk. Apart from what you see inside (perfume, nail polish and mobile phone covers), this vendor is also advertising that he provides other goods. Each little cardboard strip denotes a product or service he provides. From iPhone 4s to 3D TV adaptors, it seems this guy has everything.

Street vending in China is illegal, of course, and by the looks of this trunk, much of its content is too.

<smallPhoto: Darnell Gardner Jr


    Is the moral of this story that we are supposed to go to China for better deals?

    How the hell is this newsworthy? let alone on an ostensible gaming culture site? This thing is not new nor innovative. Anyone who's been to Asia has surely seen people peddling fake watches etc from boots like these.

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