This Giant Robot Sculpture? It's A Gaming PC.

It's not often that I wonder if a PC might arise and, say, try to kill me. This one, though... this one makes that particular concern come to mind.

Yes, this giant scrap robot is a computer, and a fairly powerful one at that. The creator of this immense work is a man of very few words, who specified only that its creation took him two days, a bit of welding, and a liter of vodka. A close look at some of the images show that there's a Radeon 6950 in there, and that the whole shebang is plugged into a MSI XPower II motherboard, running some variety of Intel i7 quad-core processor.

But really, the most important aspect of this PC is that it's bigger than you. Well, no. The most important aspect is that clearly it took a lot of hard work and imagination to make a giant robot-styled computer out of various "tool and machine parts". It's a work of sculpture and art that clearly serves as a statement piece, and shows immense creativity and skill.

The second most important aspect is that it's bigger than you, and that it may wreak havoc on your enemies for you. If it doesn't wreak havoc on you. I'll just be over here saying nice, placating things to the big gun-for-hand robot.

Yes, it's a computer! [Bit-Tech]


    By the powers of Grayskull!

    Seems as though he went through the bin at the local mechanic, it's mostly made up of brake parts.

      No denying then that he did a damn solid job with brake parts.

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