This Is Not A My Little Pony T-Shirt, It’s A Final Fantasy T-Shirt

This Is Not A My Little Pony T-Shirt, It’s A Final Fantasy T-Shirt

Look, I know there’s a very vocal segment of our readership that doesn’t appreciate the warmth and humour of My Little Pony. What if we changed them to something else? Something a bit more… Final Fantastic?

What, those obviously aren’t ponies. That was the problem, right? Cute animals outside of the context of a video game are insidious and possibly evil! Well these are cute animals from a video game. Not only a video game, but one of the most beloved role-playing game franchises of all time.

That’s why I picked up a pair of $US11 shirts featuring the colourful work of artist Kari Fry, self-professed video game lover. It certainly had nothing to do with the My Little Pony collection my wife-creature and I do not have, or the fact that the artist included not only the Mane 6, but fan-favorite Derpy as well.

See? That’s not Spike the Dragon, whose breath magically transports correspondence between Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia. I do not even know who those people are. That’s a Moogle, from Final Fantasy, possibly one of those mail Moogles.

This is definitely not a My Little Pony shirts. It’s a Final Fantasy shirt, and it’s only on sale through the end of the day. Who could possibly pass this up? No pony could.

My Little Chocobo T-Shirts [TheYetee]


  • Personally, I think everypony should buy this shirt … although I don’t know if I’m cool enough to wear it. All my friends said something about needing to be 1/5th cooler and junk and they’d know about cool … one of them is a magician … I think their stage name was the great and powerful truxie or something

  • Normally I like to think I’m pretty understanding when it comes to other peoples interests (whether I agree or not, you know, each to their own).. But I seriously have a hard time wrapping my head around this whole MLP thing.

    Is it one big in-joke that I just don’t get? Is it something along the lines of “Well it seems like this group of people love it, I don’t really get it but I’ll go along with it anyway just to feel a part of something” then it turns out everyone is feeling exactly the same and no-one actually likes it?

    I just don’t know.. See, even when it comes to talking about it I can’t even put my thoughts down into a coherent response.

    • It is a bit of a weird one to get into … I got into it because one of the characters is animated like all of the old school looney tunes cartoons and it’s a massive hit of nostalgia for me. I could go into the whole song and dance about how amazing the art style is or how the stories are brilliantly written or how good the songs are. Which are all reasons that friends of mine also watch the show . Plus there’s a boatload of decent pop culture references weaved into the show.

      I keep watching it because I’ve met a fair few decent people through the show and blah blah blah …

      To be honest, ultimately it’s not going to be for everyone and that’s cool. It’s a tv show about technicolour ponies going around learning about being friends and they fight a few monsters along the way *shrugs* I hope that kind of helps

    • It’s just a good time to be had, that’s all. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (Probably not…), you’ll get angry but most of all, you’ll have a good time, and that’s what it’s all about.

    • You do realise that MLP isn’t primarily associated with the GLBT community, don’t you? if you’re seeing gayness where it doesn’t exist, well then I think that says more about YOUR subconscious than anything else.
      Funny because I’m dating an actual sniper (Iraq, Afganistan, 6 confirmed kills) and he has no problem drinking out of the MLP teacups I have. He’s even wearing a Hello kitty bandaid over a cat scratch he got right now. Maybe that’s the difference between a real man and a keyboard warrior like you.

      • Kind of cups you drink out of, how many people you have killed. These are the things that make a “real man” good work m0sh.

    • Like the ponies or not, it has nothing/very little to do with LGBT outside of people calling the rainbow one a lesbian.

    • … seems a bit of an excessive reaction to a crossover. I would love to see you play Mario and Sonic at the Olympics

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