This Is The Biggest Selling Game In Japan

Wonder what the biggest selling game is in Japan at the moment? Wonder no more. The PSP game went on sale May 17 and is based on popular light novel My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute. In one week, it sold 53,175, twice the number of games as its nearest rival, Mario Party 9.

Weekly Ranking [Media Create via はちま]


    I watched 3 or 4 episodes of the show before turning it off. It started off okay but it quickly became really really uncomfortable. The stereotypical bump into each other in the hall and the guy lands on the girls breasts is lame in everything, but when it's his sister....? I just couldn't keep watching.

    They call it wincest, =D

    This is why Japan is no longer longer leading the way in the games industry. It's much easier to make adaptations of existing material than to develop and innovate new ideas.

      Uhhh, what then would you say about things like The Sims, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Angry Birds, any Zynga game and some of the other top-selling/popular games that are just adaptations of their own material that don't really innovate much between games?

    Is this... is this really the highest selling game?

    A game about borderline incest?

    ... If there was ever any sign that the end of days was coming, i am pretty sure Japan is the new Sodom or Gomorrah - America is probably the other.

    I'm a little surprised by this and kinda depressed.
    Not because this game is doing well, it seems like a pretty well made visual novel and probably deserves the sales it got but... does Japan really have nothing to rival this? seriously? A visual novel released on the playstation portable is topping everything else right now?
    I miss the Japan of the original playstation and playstation 2 era, that would bury such a game under a flood of unique and interesting JRPGs.

      Note that Japan always have been like this and these "news" are not symptomatic of anything. Back in the PS2 era they had Fate/Zero games and a myriad other super-successful visual novels. This is indicative of nothing: visual novels are also "played" by people who are not normally into videogames; they serve both the gaming and anime consumer group (and the "I'm so lonely that I need a virtual girlfriend" group) so their audience is much bigger.

    Sure, but that will just be for the launch week. These sorts of games come out, sell a bunch right out the gate then drop off completely. In two weeks it won't even be in the charts. But Mario Party 9 probably still will be.

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