This Japanese (Social) Gaming Powerhouse Has Nice Digs

Many Japanese game companies have crappy-looking offices. Worse yet, they're dull. Nondescript. But as far as Japanese social gaming giant DeNA goes, these digs aren't half bad.

Heck, there are iPads on the walls. On the walls! The offices have their fair share of meeting and conference rooms, but also a chic cafe and a gaming corner. There are also English conversation classes — which are pretty cool, too.

There is also memorabilia of the Baystars, the Japanese baseball team DeNA owns. With its social games, DeNA has become incredibly successful in the past few years. These offices, no doubt, reflect that. They're nice. Not as nice as Level-5's offices (which are INSANELY nice). Still, nice.

Check out the lay of the corporate land below.

株式会社ディー・エヌ・エー が引っ越したらしいので行ってきた! [941 Blog]


    I've been in and around Japanese offices for the past 3 years and I can tell you that is the most un-Japanese looking office I have ever seen. Completely and totally the opposite of the cluttered, no sense, stacks of paperwork lying around mess of horribleness that 99% of people work in here in Japan. I wonder if that company would be willing to trade hmm?

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