This Looks Like A Japanese RPG, But It's First-Person Shooter (No, Really!)

Japanese games get pigeonholed: young characters with big eyes swinging big swords. Screw swords, give them guns!

Independent game developers Ayaemo Research Institute's latest project, The Legend of Alfur, is a PC first-person shooter.

There are shades of Sega's Valkyria Chronicles, which was a third-person shooter. But make no mistake, The Legend of Alfur is a first-person shooter, and it was even developed using an Unreal Development Kit. Honestly, I am trying to think of another Unreal-based Japanese-made FPS, and I'm coming up with... nothing.

On May 11, The Legend of Alfur was released on the PC in Japan for ¥1500 ($19) for the package version and ¥1000 ($13) for the download version.

Ideal for those who like cute voices, big eyes and big guns — whoever the hell you are.

「アルフール小国物語」予告編 [Ayaemo]


    The art style and graphics are both absolutely foul. I usually don't have a problem with bad graphics but when the art style is like this... ugh.

      About as uninspired as uninspired gets.

    The bandwagon of hate has rolled into town again. If you have nothign good to say say nothing, let your silence be your opinion.

    For an indy game its fine and its actually a lot of fun. There is enough negativity in this world without adding to it guys.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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