This Mario Themed Toilet Won't Have Plumbing Problems

Imagine doing a 'number 2' in this Mario themed toilet. The things I would do, I would make the 'going down a pipe' noise upon release and when I flush. Actually that's the only 'cool' thing I can imagine doing. I'll just leave now.

Or maybe I'd say, "sorry, your princess is in another toilet." Nah, that's lame.

Man, I've got nothing. Please just look at this cool Mario themed toilet and ignore everything I say.

Epic Gaming Bathroom Desperately Needs a Warp Pipe Toilet [Gizmodo]


    THE BABY!! IT'S BACK1!!!

    Also, epic toilet is epic

      I was scrolling, thinking; "oh man those rooms are awesome. I wish my house was like tha-- WTF BABY!!!" - it scared the hell out of me.

    Maybe I'm out of touch with the younger generation these days but is it normal to keep babies in saucepans on stoves in bathrooms these days? Does it keep them fresher or something?

      Where is this baby everyone keeps talking about?

        I don't see it either..I think they've all gone mad.. *backs away carefully and bolts from the room*

        Yeah seriously, what the hell are people talking about?

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